Fratelli ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

113 Caerleon Road – 10 May – Linguine Gorgonzola, Spaghetti Fratelli (seafood), Garlic Bread, Morreti x1 Pinot Grigio Rose x3 – £53

Replacing the former San Remo restaurant on Caerleon Road the return of a Fratelli restaurant, but it is nothing to do with the original Fratelli/Allonzi family. In fact it is the relocation of a restaurant from Caldicot. The interior is smart and modern. The service was excellent. The food was very good. Linguine Gorgonzola was pasta with broccoli, mushrooms and leek with a rich cheese sauce. The seafood pasta was spaghetti with mussels, squid and prawns in a cherry tomato sauce. All freshly cooked. Pasta and pizza dishes are offered at just under £9 at lunchtime. Normally our dishes were circa £15. The menu is slightly different from the norm with a mix of traditional dishes and some innovations.

There were only three covers during the time we were there although the waiter reported that the coming Saturday was busy. Lunchtimes though were quiet. It only opened on May 1, there has been limited promotional activity and they still do not have an accessible website. Hopefully, they will build a following. We will be back. Given the quality of this restaurant this is a case of ..Newport, use it or lose it!