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September 30 - After several months of speculation most of which was initiated by the promoters themselves it has been confirmed today that the Mallett family will continue to support Newport Speedway in 2010.

“After a meeting today with the landowners, we can confirm that the Wasps and Hornets will go on into the 2010 season” said promoter Steve Mallett "We have completed, or near enough completed our first season in charge of a Speedway Club and it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. We have learnt the rights and wrongs, and we now have a lot more knowledge of what to expect going into 2010. We must thank the fans for sticking by the club through this tough season, and we hope that with the team we are already planning on for 2010, we can draw the crowds back with some big home wins.”

Co promoter Nick Mallett added “This is obviously the news that all our fans have been waiting for. They can now rest, knowing that the sport will be continued Newport for 2010. It has been one hard season for us, with poor crowds, which means lack of funds. We realise that a team winning each home meeting will draw a crowd in.

"People will have a rough idea of a few of the riders who will be riding for us in 2010. We plan on announcing the team pretty quickly as we don’t agree with holding your fans out until a fortnight until the season is upon us!"

Newport Wasps finished bottom of the Premier League after a disappointing season. The promotion got off to an unlucky start with the immediate loss of Craig Watson, their star rider. Although on paper Newport assembled a reasonable side, they flattered to deceive, losing a string of home fixtures by narrow margins and only managing one draw away from home in the League.

A number of internal wrangles and poor communications left the promotion on the wrong end of publicity following the departure of Nick Simmonds and Mark Lemon. Fans with short memories were too quick to criticise the Malletts forgetting that they had stepped in to save Newport Speedway. The speedway at Queensway Meadows was fair and competitive but particularly as the season progressed there was far too much track grading and not enough meeting management.

The promotion has made some inspired signings in the latter of the season for the Hornets and in Kim Nilsson they have found a possible star of the season for next year.

Left - top - Jordan Frampton leading against Redcar middle - Paul Fry chases Chris Neath bottom - Jonas Andersson and Chris Holder, Sundstrom (Rye House) in green