University of Wales, Newport (ceased to exit 2013)

The Guardian 2011

located on two sites: one in the picturesque village of Caerleon, and the multimillion-pound City campus, which opened its doors in January 2011, is situated on the banks of the River Usk in the centre of Newport.

The university has two academic faculties. The Faculty of Arts and Business brings together art, media & design with business, and is based at the City campus. The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences builds on areas of strength and international reputations in the areas of design, photography, film, animation, business, computing and engineering, and is based at the Caerleon campus. The campuses are at the centre of a close-knit community with a vibrant atmosphere.

At City campus, creative sound and music have four recording studios. Performing arts has its own dedicated Black Box dance studio. Design, animation and computer games design each have their own computer suites. Film & video and documentary film & television have dedicated editing suites. There is a fully functional film studio with lighting rig and green-screen facility. Fashion has one of the most impressive studio spaces in Britain, equipped with sewing machines, cutting pads/tables and mannequins for displaying designs. The campus also boasts labs fully equipped for electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering, and two interconnecting forensic-computing labs.

Caerleon campus's photography dark rooms are widely regarded as some of the best facilities in Europe. The sports and health laboratory hosts specialised equipment that measures health-screening parameters, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition and haematological markers. The engineering labs at Caerleon are used to test concrete, steel and soils as part of the civil engineering programmes. Fully equipped chemistry laboratories are used for the fire safety engineering modules. Art education has its own ICT software and D&T labs for training teachers.

In 2012 there were 9520 students across Newport

The Labour Welsh Manifesto of 2012 stated there will be 'no campus closures.'

In April 2013 a forced merger (by Welsh Government) saw the takeover of Newport by the University of Glamorgan. The University of South Wales was formed.

Consultation began on the closure of Caerleon Campus. It closed in 2016 despite protests.

USW Newport now offers
The university's newest campus is the £40 million campus on the west bank of the River Usk in Newport city centre. The 'City Campus' was built built for the University of Wales, Newport and was opened in 2011 by Sir Terry Matthews. Originally built to house a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the Newport Business School, Newport Film Schooland the universities art and design department, it now hosts courses from the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education, including teaching, social work and youth work as well as some courses in business together with the National Cyber Security Academy. (NOTE - no Film School, Performing Arts, Fashion, Sports.....read on...)

In 2018 out of a total of 20000 students at USW, approximately 3000 are at Newport! (and how many actually live in the City?)

USW states "The Faculty of Creative Industries is based at the Cardiff Campus, along with a smaller number of courses from the Faculty of Business and Society. The Atrium Building is the main building at the campus, originally opened by the University of Glamorgan in 2007 the building was recently extended at a cost of £14.7 million to replace the Caerleon campus. The building re-opening during September 2016. The campus also includes the Atlantic House building. USW spokesman said: "This (Cardiff) is where creative students want to be. The BBC have moved to the centre and there is a media hub in the bay."

So, they closed Caerleon so they could invest in Cardiff and removed all the creative aspects of Newport's old University

Their defence is .......

The university has revealed that the Newport City Campus will become a centre for business and professional studies offering new courses including hospitality and cyber security. Courses such as accounting, finance, education early years will be based as the Newport City Campus. A USW Spokesman said: "This is what local employers are telling us that they would like to see from students. We are working with the city council as part of the economic regeneration of the city."

USW say the new plans will bring an additional 1,500 students into the city campus and are looking to further invest between £8 to £10 million on the site next door to the campus along the waterfront. (even though they will make considerably from the sale of the Caerleon site)

30/1/18 Question to the Leader of Newport Council

Councillor Carmel Townsend asked whether the Council was in dialogue with the University of South Wales to ask that the number of full time courses offered at the city campus could be increased.

The Leader confirmed that regular discussions were held with the University, but not on this specific subject .  The Leader agreed to set up a meeting to discuss this point, to which Councillor Townsend would be invited.


And now we are promised a Knowledge Quarter....


February 2016 "The University of South Wales (USW) and Coleg Gwent are forming a task force to develop options for a new Knowledge Quarter in the heart of the City. The £60m development will be anchored at the University’s flagship Newport City Campus, and will see a major new learning campus expand along the riverbank and the surrounding area. It would include a major new development to potentially accommodate a relocation of Coleg Gwent’s Nash Road Campus, with a potential for shared development in learning and social space. Funding for the development is likely to involve a combination of USW money raised from the sale of the former Caerleon campus, Coleg Gwent investment, commercial finance, and public investment."

20/6/16 University of South Wales Board minutes


6.2.1 The Committee received and noted an update on the proposed development of the Newport Knowledge Quarter. It was noted that the proposed development had been formally announced on 11 March when a joint Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) was signed. This news was well received by the media, business community and politicians alike in Newport. Planning in earnest was now underway with University, Coleg Gwent and local authority (who had formally been invited to sign the MoC) representatives in attendance.


2016 - 2019.....no updates until...


July 2019 - The University of South Wales (USW) has agreed the sale of the former campus site in Caerleon to Redrow. The price has been agreed as £6.2m. An independent valuation says this represents its fair market value. As USW does not use or need the former campus, selling the site is part of USW’s charitable obligations to make the best use of its assets to support teaching and learning in higher education. This sale will allow USW and its partners to move forward and explore what is now possible in the timing and funding options for the development of higher education in the Newport city centre. We will work with Newport City Council on the future in the city. The new owner will now work with the council on the future of the Caerleon site.

And the latest embarrassment


September 2019 - Students at the University of Bristol are being offered accommodation in Newport. The Newport Student Village accommodation, on Usk Way, is being offered by the university after its accommodation in Bristol was oversubscribed.
This is thought to be the result of fewer deferrals and withdrawals this year than the university anticipated.
The accommodation is 31.2 miles from the Bristol campus, and is listed as a part of the university’s ‘commute and save’ scheme, along with accommodation in Langford, North Somerset. Newport Student Village was originally built to accommodate students at the University of South Wales’ Newport campus, but there are now less students needing accommodation in the city, with almost 90 per cent of students on the Newport campus living at home and commuting, and the closure of the former USW campus in Caerleon in 2016. A University of South Wales (USW) spokesperson said: “Just over 88 per cent of students who study at Newport Campus live at home and commute to USW to undertake their education."