Newport Speedway. Originally formed in 1964 and raced on Friday nights at Somerton Park, home of Newport County FC. Initially raced in the Provincial League then joined the British League the following year. Many fine riders have graced the Wasps including Torbjorn Harryson, Gote Nordin, Phil Crump and Craig Watson. The Wasps ceased to be in 1977 (having been demoted to the National League in favour of Bristol). But under the stewardship of Tim Stone they reappeared at Queensway Meadows in 1997 and have provided great entertainment at their new venue. Following Tim's untimely death in 2008 the club is now in the hands of Nick and Steve Mallett. They run two sides - the Wasps and the Hornets. The club's official website is here.



Mar 5 - Elite star and former Wasp Niels Kristian Iversen heads the line up for the Prince of Wales Trophy opener on Saturday March 19 at Queensway Meadows, start time 7pm. The line up is as follows - 1. Kim Nilsson (Newport) 2. Lee Smart (Plymouth) 3. Leigh Lanham (Newport) 4. Joe Screen (Glasgow) 5. Niels K Iversen (Kings Lynn) 6. Todd Kurtz (Newport) 7. Shane Parker (Sheffield) 8. Robin Aspegren (Newport) 9. Kyle Legault (Newport) 10. Ben Barker (Plymouth) 11. Jason Doyle (Australia) 12. Alex Davies (Newport) 13. James Wright (Birmingham/Workington) 14. Ryan Fisher (USA) 15. David Howe (Scunthorpe) 16. Mark Jones (Newport).
The 16 riders will contest an initial 20 heats with the four top-scoring riders qualifying for a Grand Final.


Now out - find them here



Feb 7 - Newport Hornets are set to run in this year's National League with the following team - 1. Jay Herne / 2. Todd Kurtz / 3. David Gough / 4. Richard Andrews/ 5. Matthew Bates/ 6. Tom Young/ 7. James White Williams

The Newport Wasps go into their Premier League speedway campaign from mid-March with a Newport-born rider in their ranks.  James White-Williams from the Ringland area of the city is named as number eight and is the first Newportonian since the late Mike Powell in 1975 to be promoted to the senior squad. Mike was a second-half rider at Somerton Park in the days when no third tier existed in British Speedway whereas James has the plus of having been a member of the Newport Hornets National League team at Queensway Meadows in 2010 - a role he will continue with in 2011.


Jan 3 - Lee Smart (Plymouth Devils) emerged as the surprise winner of the New Year Classic yesterday. He outgunned fancied finalists Ben Barker, Kevin Doolan and David Howe capitalising on a second bend error from Doolan to slide through for an impressive victory. Howe (Scunthorpe)finished in second place and Barker (also of Plymouth and possibly Coventry) came through in third. Prior to that it was pretty uneventful meeting with only one notable pass from Barker to lift the spirits of the 1000-plus crowd.


Jan 1 - The line up and draw has been confirmed for the New Year Classic at Queensway Meadows. It reads as follows - 1 Richard Hall (Leicester Lions) 2 Lee Smart (Plymouth Devils) 3 Adam Roynon (Redcar Bears) 4 Leigh Lanham (Newport Wasps) 5 David Howe (Scunthorpe Scorpions) 6 Ben Barker (Coventry Bees) 7 Carl Wilkinson (Scunthorpe Scorpions) 8 Lewis Bridger (Coventry Bees) 9 Patrick Tarp (Denmark) 10 Andreas Westlund (Sweden) 11 Kevin Doolan (Ipswich Witches) 12 Steve Boxall (Rye House Rockets). Guest of honour is Nathan Cleverley, The British, Commonwealth, European and Interim World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion . Tapes are up tomorrow at 1pm with a big crowd anticipated.

2011 TEAM

Newport Wasps 2011 team has been announced -

Kyle Legault, Leigh Lanham, Kim Nilsson, Robin Aspegren, Mark Jones, Todd Kurt, Alex Davies.


Oct 23 - The Prince of Wales Trophy was abandoned last night before a race was run following an electrical failure outside of the speedway stadium.


Oct 16 - Newport Wasps went out of the Jack Young Shield after a 54-39 defeat at Rye House. They briefly clawed the deficit back to seven points but Rye finished the meeting strongly with Chris Neath gaining a fifteen point maximum and Jordan Frampton and Stefan Ekberg both scoring 12 points. Newport scorers -1. Leigh Lanham 2, 0, 2, 6!, 1, 2 = 13,  2. Kim Nilsson R, 1', 2, 1, 1 = 5+1, 3. Craig Watson 1, 2, F, 2, 2, 0 = 7, 4. Kyle Legault R/R, 5. Robin Aspegren 2, 2, 1', 2, 0 = 7+1, 6. Alex Davies 3, 0, 1', 1, 0 = 5+1, 7. Todd Kurtz 1, 0, 1' = 2+1

Newport Hornets went through to the National League play off final completing their victory over Bournemouth after the second leg at Queensway Meadows by 94-79.


Oct 16 - Newport Wasps edged out Rye House in the first leg of their Jack Young Shield clash. The Wasps without Kyle Legault ran up a 26-13 lead early on in the meeting only for Rye House to retrieve the position by Heat 14. With only Heat 15 to go the Wasps needed a 5-1 to win the match and found themselves up against Swedish star Linus Sundstrom. Sundstrom led from the gate but was overtaken first by Nilsson and then by Lanham in a breathtaking race. The Wasps take a two point advantage (49-47) to Hoddesdon this weekend. Nilsson finished the night on an 18 point maximum. NEWPORT WASPS: Kim Nilsson 18, Leigh Lanham 11 +3, Craig Watson 6+2, Todd Kurtz 5+1, Robin Aspegren 5, Alex Davies 4+1, Rider replacement rule for Kyle Legault.

The Wasps were defeated at Kings Lynn 49-44 earlier this week.


Oct 10 - Newport Wasps continued their fine form of late with a 52-40 win at Stoke. The only dampener on the evening was a shoulder injury suffered by Kyle Legault in his first ride, putting him out of the meeting. Wasps finish off the League campaign with a meeting at Kings Lynn on Wednesday and are back in action at home in the Young Shield against Rye House on Friday night, scorers at Stoke - NEWPORT WASPS: Leigh Lanham 14+1, Craig Watson 10, Robin Aspegren 9+1, Kim Nilsson 7, Alex Davies 7, Todd Kurtz 5, Kyle Legault 0.

Newport Hornets lost 50-40 at home to Kings Lynn this afternoon in the National League Knockout Cup, ending their interest in the competition.


Oct 8 - Newport Wasps saw off Berwick Bandits in slippery conditions at Queensway Meadows last night. Berwick, 11 behind from the first leg of the Jack Young Shield, put up a spirited effort but eventually lost 55-39. Stars for the Wasps were Kim Nilsson (12 point paid maximum) and Kyle Legault (14 points from 5 rides). Lee Complin (18) and Joe Haines (10+1) led the scoring for Berwick. Newport's reserves put in another excellent shift, Davies scoring 8+4 and Kurtz 10+1, both from five rides.

Kings Lynn Stars beat Newport Hornets 54-39 in the National League Knockout Cup semi final first leg last night. The second leg is at Newport on Sunday (start- 2.30).


Sep 27 - Newport Hornets were outclassed by Buxton Hitmen at Queensway Meadows this evening going down by 55-37. Kyle Newman lightened the gloom with a magnificent heat 15 victory over Craig Cook (13 points from five rides).  Otherwise the Hitmen supplied twelve heat winners in a one sided meeting.


Sep 21 - Already without Tony Atkin, Newport Hornets lost both Tim Webster and Tom Young in a Heat 7 incident in the Isle of Wight. The Islanders stretched away turning a two point advantage in to a comfortable 53-39 victory. Kyle Newman (16 points from 6 rides) was particularly valiant in defeat. Todd Kurtz scored 5 paid 8, Luke Priest 9 paid 10 and Aaron Baseby 8.


Sep 19 - A depleted Rye House team went down to a 57-35 hammering courtesy of Newport Wasps at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. Kyle Legault and Alex Davies dropped only one point to an opposition rider while Kim Nilsson picked up a new track record (57.37 seconds) on his way to a paid 12 from five rides. It was an impressive all round performance from the Wasps in a meeting that took three and a half hours to complete. NEWPORT - 57 1. Leigh Lanham ..... 1, 3, F, 1' = 5+1, 2. Kim Nilsson ........ 3, 1, 3, 3, 1' = 11+1, 3. Craig Watson ...... 1, 2', 2', 1' = 6+2, 4. Kyle Legault ........ 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 = 14, 5. Robin Aspegren ... 2, 2, 1, 2 = 7, 6. Alex Davies ......... 3, 1', 3, 2' = 9+2, 7. Todd Kurtz .......... FX, 1', 2', 2 = 5+2


Sep 13 - Newport Hornets held off Plymouth Devils 49-41 at Queensway Meadows yesterday in the National Trophy. The Hornets finished strongly with both captain Kyle Newman (14) and Newport born youngster Tom Young (10+2) in excellent form. The Devils won the lions share of the races but struggled at reserve mustering only a point to the paid 18 tally of Newport's reserves.


Sep 12 - Newport's two teams, Hornets and Wasps, came away from Rye House with a fantastic double yesterday. The Wasps won their match 46-44 with Kyle Legault scoring 11 and Kim Nilsson 9 in their first ever victory in the Premier League at Hoddesdon. The Hornets won 44-37, their match curtailed by the curfew in place at the track. James White Williams was injured in a crash in Heat 14, the meeting was subsequently abandoned with result standing.

The Hornets won 51-42 at Scunthorpe on Saturday night, and as a result of the two results, lead the National League standings.


Sep 5 - Newport Hornets were beaten 50-38 by title rivals Buxton Hitmen this afternoon. The home side were briefly behind 30-29 after Heat 10 but stretched away in the final five heats to claim a comfortable victory. Hornets lead riders were Tony Atkin and Tim Webster both finishing with 11+1 from five rides.


Sep 5 - Speedway is an evening sport. Fact. Last night's first floodlit meeting at Queensway Meadows had a special atmosphere. Wasps fans turned out in better numbers and the racing provided an entertaining spectacle. Both teams were slightly depleted but the racing was competitive and Newport deserved their 53-40 victory. The Wasps started impressively but were pegged back by a 7-2 in Heat 7. However, this was a moral victory as Robin Aspergen, the Wasps only rider in the race, chased down Nick Morris despite a fifteen metre handicap for breaking the tapes and was closing fast on Travis McGowan. To cap a fine night for Kyle Legault he beat the outstanding McGowan in Heat 15 in an excellent race awarded after three laps due to a fall from Sam Masters. Newport Wasps : 53 1. Leigh Lanham 2',2,3,3,1 = 11+1, 2. Kim Nilsson R/R (CW-3) (AD-1') (RA-2) (KL-1) = 7+1, 3. Craig Watson 3,0,2,0,3 = 8, 4. Kyle Legault 3,1',3,1,2,3 = 13+1, 5. Robin Aspegren 3,2,2,1,0 = 8, 6. Alex Davies 3,1',F,3,1' = 8+2, 7. Todd Kurtz 2',2',1',X = 5+3 Glasgow 40 (McGowan 15, Neath 10+1)

Newport went down 50-40 at Somerset on Friday night. In contention up to Heat 12, two consecutive 5-1's gave the match to the Rebels. Swedish stars Kim Nilsson (12) and Robin Aspegren (9+1) top scored for the Wasps.

The Hornets won an excellent 46-44 victory at Plymouth on Friday night. Lee Smart, guesting for Todd Kurtz, was outstanding losing only one race on his way to 14 points. James White-Williams weighed in with 11 points at reserve. The victory puts Newport a point behind Buxton with the two sides set to face one another in Derbyshire today.


Sep 2 - Birmingham Brummies, invigorated by news that they have permanent planning permission for speedway, battered Newport Wasps 61-29 at Perry Barr yesterday evening.  The Wasps were depleted by the loss of Swede Kim Nilsson and could only use National League replacement Richard Franklin. They were never in the hunt. Newport 29 - Kyle Legault 9, Leigh Lanham 5+2, Craig Watson 5, Alec Davies 4+2, Robin Aspergren 4+1, Todd Kurtz 2, Richard Franklin 0 Birmingham 61 (Lyons 14+1)


Sep 1 - Newport Hornets' title aspirations took a blow last night when they suffered a 58-33 defeat at Dudley Heathens. The Hornets won 52-39 at Weymouth on August 27.


Aug 30 - A last heat 4-2 was enough to secure victory for Newport in a tight clash with Sheffield yesterday. The Tigers put a spirited effort and thoroughly deserved their bonus point. It was Canadian Kyle Legault who took Heat 15 to continue his recent good run and reinforces Newport's charge for an end of season top 12 Young Shield finish. Newport - 47 Lanham - 2' 2 2 2'1 = 9+2, Watson - 3 0 3 1'= 7+1, Nilsson - 1' R 2 0 = 3+1, Legault - 2 3 F 2 3 = 10, Aspegren - 1' 1' 1 3 = 6+2, Davies - F 2 3 1' = 6+1, Kurtz - 2 2 1 1 = 6 Sheffield 43 (Ashworth 11, Wells 9)


Aug 22 - Newport Hornets proved too strong for Isle of Wight this afternoon. The Hornets ran out 53-39 winners in the National Trophy with Kyle Newman securing a paid maximum from his five rides. Young Aussie Mark Jones scored 10 paid 13 in his last performance for the Hornets before returning to Oz. James White Williams scored 11 from reserve in another fine showing.


Aug 20 - Newport's vaunted floodlight fixture with Glasgow was called off this evening due to heavy rain and a waterlogged track. Aug 21 - Away match at Stoke also postponed due to the weather


Aug 15 - Despite losing both Kyle Newman and Tom Young Newport Hornets were still too strong for Weymouth at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The Hornets duo collided after Newman lost control of his bike in Heat 4, unfortunately Young was unable to take evasive action. The latter ended up on his way to hospital, resulting in a 45 minute delay in the meeting. The five man Hornets team performed superbly running out 53-40 winners with Newport born reserve James White Williams receiving the accolades for a fine display winning four races, scoring fourteen points from his seven rides. The Wildcats briefly threatened reducing the deficit to three points after Heat 7 but the Hornets finished strongly capping their performance with a final heat 5-1 from Mark Jones and Todd Kurtz. Newport - 53 - Kurtz 13+1 (5 rides), Priest 4+1 (4), Jones 10+2 (5), Atkin 10+1 (4), Newman 0 (1 ride), White-Williams 14 (7), Young 2+1 (1)


Aug 13 - Showery rain this evening put paid to Newport's home fixture with Rye House. The referee called the meeting off twenty minutes before the scheduled start.


Aug 9 - Newport carried on their fine recent run with an excellent 51-42 win over Somerset at Queensway Meadows yesterday. The Wasps initially built up an early lead before being pegged back by a Heat 8 8-1. Only one point in front after Heat 9 Newport pulled away again assisted by 5-1s in Heats 12 and 14. Newport Wasps = 51 Leigh Lanham - 2, 3, 2', 2 = 9 + 1, Craig Watson - 0, 2', 0, 3 = 5 + 1, Kim Nilsson - 1, 1, 3, 3, 2 = 10, Kyle Legault - 3, 3, 1, 3, 0 = 10, Robin Aspegren - 3, 1, 2, 0 = 6, Alex Davies - 1, 0, 1' = 2 + 1, Todd Kurtz - 3, 1, 1, 2', 2' = 9 + 2


Aug 1 - Newport Wasps hammered Kings Lynn Stars 60-35 with another powerful home performance this afternoon. The Wasps opened up with seven 5-1's in the first nine heats. The Stars, one of the Premier League's top teams, did not record a heat win until Heat 10, through Tomas Topinka. The Stars managed an 8-1 in Heat 11 through Schramm and Smith but other than that it was one way traffic. Kyle Legault got a deserved paid maximum. Newport 60 - Lanham 13+1 (5 rides), Watson 9+2 (5), Nilsson 8+1 (4), Legault 11+1 (4), Aspergren 6 (4), Davies 6+1 (4), Kurtz 7+4 (4)

The Hornets lost 56-35 at Kings Lynn. Their efforts were severely hampered by loss of Jon Armstrong and Tim Webster in a Heat 1 collision, leading to their withdrawal from the meeting.


July 30 - Newport Wasps grabbed an away bonus point at Sheffield Tigers with Kim Nilsson in brilliant form. The Swede was beaten only once by a Sheffield rider (Josef Franc) on his way to 13 paid 14 from five rides. Newport pulled the score back to 47-42 at Owlerton with a last heat 4-2. Newport 42 - 1. Leigh Lanham 3,1,R,2 = 6, 2. Craig Watson 2',R,R,1 = 3+1, 3. Kim Nilsson 3,3,3,1',3 = 13+1, 4. Kyle Legault 0,2',2',3,1 = 8+2
5. Robin Aspegren 3,2,0,Ex = 5, 6. Alex Davies 3,0,1,2,0 = 6, 7. Todd Kurtz 0,0,1 = 1



July 25 - Newport Wasps produced their most complete performance of the season to trounce Scunthorpe Scorpions by 61-29 in front of exultant fans. Captain Leigh Lanham gave credit to the improved track surface as the reason for Newport's resurgence. Craig Watson and Lanham led the way but it was reserve Alex Davies who caught the eye with the two quickest rides of the afternoon. Unfortunately he could not repeat the feat when selected in Heat 15. Newport = 61 - 1. Leigh Lanham 2', 3, 3, 2 = 10+1 2. Craig Watson 3, 2', 3, 2', 2 = 12+2, 3. Kim Nilsson 0, 2', 2, 3 = 7+1, 4. Kyle Legault 3, 3, 1', 2' = 9+2, 5. Robin Aspegren 3, 2, 2', F = 7+1, 6. Alex Davies 3, 1', 3, 3, 0 = 10+1, 7. Todd Kurtz 2', 2', 2', 0 = 6+3 Scunthorpe =29 (Karlsson)


July 23 - Newport Hornets were beaten by Buxton Hitmen at Queensway Meadows on Friday. The Hitmen won by 46-44. Newport's scoring was led by Tony Atkin 12+1 and Kyle Newman 11+1.


July 18 - Newport Wasps won their first match since June 6 with a comfortable 48-43 victory over Stoke Potters. Leigh Lanham and Kyle Legault spearheaded the Wasps effort. The Wasps held the lead throughout and were never in any danger. Their winning margin would have been greater had they been able to use rider replacement for the injured Anders Mellgren. Newport Wasps : 48 - Leigh Lanham 2,3,3,3,2 = 13 James White Williams 0,1,0 = 1, Craig Watson 2',2',3,1 = 8+2, Kyle Legault 3,3,2',1',1' = 10+3, Kim Nilsson 3,3,1,1 = 8, Alex Davies 1,1,1',0,2 = 5+1, Todd Kurtz 0,1,2,0 = 3


July 16 - Newport Hornets maintained their impressive unbeaten run with a victory over Rye House by 49-40 at Queensway Meadows. The Hornets were well led by Tony Atkin, who contributed 17 points from his six rides. Mark Jones scored 12 paid 15 (6 rides).


July 14 - Heavy rain deprived Newport of at least a bonus point at Kings Lynn as the meeting failed to reach the regulation Heat 12 to stand as a result. The abandonment of the meeting at Heat 11 meant it was no result with the score at 34-32 in favour of Kings Lynn. The Wasps' valiant effort was led by Kyle Legault (8  points from 3 rides) and Leigh Lanham (5 paid 7 from 3 rides).


July 11 - In front of a bumper crowd at Queensway Meadows Canadian Pole Chris Slabon held off a quality field to win the Welsh Open Championship this afternoon. Slabon won the final comfortably beating off the attentions of Edinburgh's Ryan Fisher and Coventry star Eddie Kennet. Newport's Craig Watson was in the final showdown but fell while a distant last after a creditable 11 points in the main meeting.

Slabon's display will have impressed a number of promoters in the crowd as he is currently unattached to a club. He collected the trophy and prize money from speedway legend Ivan Mauger.


July 10 - Newport Hornets beat the Weymouth Wildcats 53-35 tonight to secure a place in the National League KO Cup semi finals with a 102-76 aggregate victory. The Hornets trailed initially losing Tim Webster following a second bend fall with a suspected broken collarbone. The home side finished strongly with Kyle Newman scoring 12 and Kurtz 12 paid 13 from their respective five rides.


July 4 - A strong fight back by Newport Wasps was snubbed out by the inclement weather at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The Wasps were six points adrift of Edinburgh Monarchs (39-33) when the referee decided to call a halt to proceedings after Heat 12. Rider of the meeting was interim signing Robin Aspergren who after a fall in his first ride won his next three demonstrating pose, class and pace. A pity he won't be saying with the Wasps. Newport 1. Leigh Lanham © 1,2¹,2¹ = 5+2, 2. Robin Aspegren FX,3,3,3 = 9, 3. Craig Watson 0,2,1¹,0 = 3+1, 4. Kyle Legault 3,1¹,2 = 6+1, 5. Kim Nilsson 1¹,3,0 = 4+1, 6. Alex Davies 2,0,1 = 3, 7. Todd Kurtz F,2,0,1 = 3


July 3 - Newport Wasps ceded a seven point lead allowing Berwick to emerge victorious by 46 to 43 this evening. The Wasps recovered from an eight point deficit after 6 heats themselves. A heat 7 5-1 from Watson and Legault seemed to be the turning point but the Bandits fought back in an exciting meeting. Newport 43 - Lanham 7+1, Aspergren 9, Watson 11, Legault 6+2, Nilsson 5, Davies 0, Kurtz 5+1 Berwick 46 (Rymel 13)


July 2 - Newport challenged Edinburgh in tonight's Premier League clash but ultimately did not have the firepower to gain a losing bonus point. They went down by 52-38 to the high flying Scottish side superbly led by Matthew Wethers aided by veteran American Ryan Fisher.  Newport 38 - Leigh Lanham 2,2,1^,2,3 = 10, 2. Robin Aspergren 1¹,F,1,0 = 2+1, 3. Kyle Legault 0,2¹,Ex,4^ = 6+1, 4. Craid Watson © 1,3,1,3,2¹ = 10+1, 5. Kim Nilsson 2,2,1,1¹ = 6+1, 6. Alex Davies 2,1¹,0,0 = 3+1, 7. Todd Kurtz Ex,1¹,0,0 = 1+1.


June 27 - Newport Hornets beat Plymouth Devils 54-41 in this afternoon's clash at Queensway Meadows to maintain their strong position at the top of the National League. Scorers to follow.


June 20 - Laurence Rogers announced today Newport speedway would run until the end of the season after financial problems had threatened the future of the Wasps and Hornets. The Hornets duly provided another fillip with a 56-33 victory over Mildenhall Fen Tigers. The title chasing Hornets were in commanding form despite the absence of Kyle Newman and were never threatened at any stage. NEWPORT - 56 - Tony Atkin 3 3 2 3 2* - 13+1, Kyle Newman R/R, Todd Kurtz 3 2* 3 X 1 - 9+1, Tim Webster 2* 3 2* 2 1 10+2, Mark Jones 3 3 1* 2 2* 3 - 14+2, Tom Young 2* 2* X 0 0 - 4+2. James White Williams 3 1 2* R - 6+1.


June 19 - Newport's meeting with Glasgow was called off early yesterday evening following heavy showers. The referee deemed that the track was unsuitable for racing.


June 15 - Newport Hornets pulled off a fine 54-41 away win at Isle of Wight Islanders this evening. Newport built up a comfortable early lead starting with a heat 1 5-1 from Atkin and Jones before their 14 point lead was pegged back to 9 due to tactical rides from Danny Warwick and Nick Simmonds. Todd Kurtz and James White Williams made the lead unassailable with a 5-1 in Heat 12. Newport Hornets = 54 - 1. Tony Atkin -- 3, 2, 2, 0 = 7 2. Mark Jones -- 2', 0, 1, 1' = 4+2, 3. Todd Kurtz -- 3, 2', 1', 3,2  = 11+2  , 4. Tim Webster -- 1, 3, 2, 3 = 9, 5. Kyle Newman -- 2, 3, 3, 2,1' = 11+1 6. Thomas Young -- 1, 1, 0 = 2, 7. James White-Williams -- 3, 1', 3, 2', 1 = 10+2


June 13 - Newport Hornets confirmed their championship credentials with an emphatic 56-34 win over Bournemouth at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. Pegged back to 24-24 after 8 heats the Wasps ran out convincing winners Newport Hornets = 56 - 1 Tony Atkin 2, F, 1', 2' = 5+2,  2 Mark Jones 1', 2, F, 2 = 5+1, 3 Todd Kurtz 3, 2, 3, 3, 2' = 13+1, 4 Tim Webster 2', 1', 2', 3 = 8+3, 5 Kyle Newman 3, 2, 3, 3, 3 = 14, 6 Tom Young 1, 1', 1, 2' = 5+2, 7 Jamie White-Williams 3, 0, 1, 2' = 6+1 Bournemouth Buccaneers = 34  Kyle Howarth  10


June 6 - Continuing their improved form Newport Wasps saw off Berwick in comfortable fashion at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The 52-40 victory was their first home league win of the season. Each of the Wasps won a race, they won 11 overall. Kyle Legault was in much better fettle at home than of late and Alex Davies was in good form at number 2. NEWPORT 52 - 1. Leigh Lanham3 2 3 2 3 = 13, 2. Alex Davies.2* 0 3 0 = 5+1 3. Craig Watson2*1*0 3 = 6+2 4. Kyle Legault3 2 3 1 1 = 10 5. Kim Nilsson 3 3 1*0 = 7+1 6. Todd Kurtz (R) 0 1 2 3 = 6 7. Anders Mellgren (R) 3 0 2*0 = 5+1 BERWICK 40 (Makovsky 11+1)


June 5 - Newport Wasps, unable to win at home, pulled off a stunning second away win at Scunthorpe on Friday night. The Wasps effort was led by a resurgent Kyle Legualt. The Canadian finished with 12 from his five rides. A last heat 5-1 from Legault and Leigh Lanham brought the Wasps a 45-42 victory. In a tightly contested meeting the Wasps held a narrow lead from Heat 2 to 14 with good performances across the team, including Anders Mellgren, now placed at reserve in the new line up. Newport 45 - 1. Leigh Lanham 2, 2, 2, 2, 2' = 10+2, 2. Alex Davies 1', 1', 0, 1' = 3+3, 3. Craig Watson 1', 2', 1, 3 = 7+2, 4. Kyle Legault 2, 3, 3, 1, 3 = 12, 5. Kim Nilsson 0, 2, 3, 0 = 5, 6. Todd Kurtz R, 1', 0 = 1+1, 7. Anders Mellgren 3, 2, 2, 0, 0 = 7, Scunthorpe 42 (Wilkinson 13+1)


Jun 4 - Newport Wasps ran Redcar close on Thursday night with a solid performance from their top 4 including the returning Kyle Legault. However, the Bears pulled away in the middle of the meeting to deny Newport the chance of a losing bonus point. Newport 43 - 1. Leigh Lanham - 2, 2, 2, 2', 2 = 10+1, 2. Alex Davies - 1', 0, 1, 0 = 2+1, 3. Craig Watson - 2', 0, 1', 4^ = 7+2, 4. Kyle Legault - 3, 2, 4^, 2, 1' = 12+1, 5. Kim Nilsson - 1, 3, 1, 3 = 8, 6. Todd Kurtz - 1', 0, 0, 1' = 2+2, 7. Anders Mellgren - 2, 0, 0, 0 = 2 Redcar 51 (Havelock 11+1)


May 31 - Newport Hornets continued their outstanding season by sweeping aside the Dudley Heathens at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The Hornets ran out 59-34 disappointing the large travelling contingent from the Black Country. The crowd was significantly above than the 400 or so that watched yesterday's 'entertainment' against Workington. Most of the racing was dominated by the Hornets, Tim Webster led the way with 12 paid 13 from his five rides. Jones scored 10 paid 12, Kurtz and Atkin weighed in with 9. Only Lee Smart offered resistance, notching up 17 points. Off the track there was a mini fracas involving Mallett junior, an odd way of encouraging home support. When the nomadic Heathens had a dominant team they used to cry "Ommer 'em Cradley", Newport did the hammering today.


May 30 - Newport Wasps slumped to another dismal home defeat against an average Workington Comets team this evening. The 52-37 defeat was a true reflection of a grim Wasps performance marred by poor decision making by the team manager. The Wasps started the meeting on the back foot without Kyle Legault and could only replace him with number 8 Tim Webster. Webster failed to score. The Wasps reserves also failed to fire. The replacement of Webster with Alex Davies in Heat 9 left the former to fulfil his third programmed ride in Heat 14 at what could have been a final stage of the meeting. Newport's management also elected for Kim Nilsson to take a tactical double in Heat 13 overlooking their number 1 rider Leigh Lanham. Anders Mellgren failed to score significantly again. Craig Watson was thankfully in fine form and is returning to a high level of performance. The meeting took two and a half hours to complete with long pauses for track grading and fence repairs. It was very poor entertainment. All credit to Workington who showed commitment and resolve. The meeting concluded with rumours abounding about the future of the club. This has been a constant refrain with the Malletts. What's new? Newport Wasps: 37 - 1. Leigh Lanham 3,2',Fx,2,0 = 7+1, 2. Craig Watson 2',3,3,1,3 = 12+1, 3. Anders Mellgren 1,2,1,0 = 4, 4. Tim Webster 0,0,0 = 0, 5. Kim Nilsson 2,3,3,0! = 8, 6. Alex Davies 1',Fx,0,2 = 3+1, 7. Todd Kurtz 2,0,0,0,1 = 3 Workington 52 (Schramm 9+4, Harrison 9)


May 28 - Newport Hornets beat Weymouth Wildcats 49-41 away from home tonight with Mark Jones leading the way with 12 paid 14. The Hornets finished the meeting strongly extending a two point lead of 37-35 at heat 12 to an eight point winning margin. The League table is here.


May 23 - In blazing sunshine the Birmingham Brummies were too hot for Newport Wasps to handle at Queensway Meadows. The Wasps were brought down to earth by an impressive display by title hopefuls Birmingham including a magnificent effort at reserve from Justin Sedgman,who won five of his seven rides. They scarcely missed former Wasp Chris Kerr (out injured) and produced 11 points from his rider replacement rides. Of Newport's seven only Lanham emerges with any credit, Mellgren and Legault were again poor. 45-23 down after heat 11 the Wasps pulled it back to 52-39 by the close but Birmingham's class ultimately told. NEWPORT =  Leigh Lanham - 1, 4^, 3, 2', 1' = 11+2  Craig Watson - 0, 1', 3, 1 = 5+1, Anders Mellgren - 0, 0, 1, 3 = 4,  Kyle Legault - 1, 1, 0, 3 =5, Kim Nilsson - 1, 1, 0, 3, 2 = 7,  Alex Davies - 2, 0, 1, 1 = 4, Todd Kurtz - 1', 0, 1, 1 =3+1 BIRMINGHAM (Sedgman 15, Sweetman 11,  Summers 10+2)


May 22 - The Speedway Control Bureau at its recent meeting reviewed the position of Nicky Mallett holding a Promoter’s Licence for Newport Speedway. The outcome is that Mallett’s SCB Licence has been withdrawn for the duration of the 2010 Season. Mallett's misdemeanour apparently relates to comments made about a rival club, Weymouth, in a Facebook discussion. The SCB states "Mr Mallet has been advised of the Speedway Control Bureau’s decision."


May 16 - In an excellent three day spell for Newport speedway the Wasps pulled off a fine 50-46 in Glasgow this evening. The Tigers deployed two tactical rides to reduce the margin significantly but were comfortably beaten in a superb all round display by Newport. Kyle Legault showed significant signs of improvement with a fine paid 11, Mellgren was in better form and the reserves outperformed their Glasgow counterparts. Mitchell Davey, the Tigers reserve, was lost early in the meeting with a shoulder injury. Newport - Leigh Lanham R 3 2* 1 2 = 8 + 1, Craig Watson 2 1 3 3 3 0 =12, Anders Mellgren 1* 2* 1* 3 0 = 7 + 3, Kyle Legault 2 1* 3 2 2 = 10 + 1, Kim Nilsson R/R 0, Alex Davies 1 2 2 2* 2* 0 = 9 + 2, Todd Kurtz 3 1* 0 = 4 + 1 GLASGOW (McGowan 15+1)


May 16 - Newport Hornets maintained their fine early season form with a comfortable 54-40 win over Scunthorpe Saints at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The Hornets without Kyle Newman (rider replacement) and Todd Kurtz were too strong for their opponents and are currently top of the table following Mildenhall's win over Rye House. Newport - Tony Atkin - 2, 3, 3, 3, EF = 11, James White-Williams - 1', 3, 2', 3, 2' = 11 + 3, Tim Webster - 3, 1, Fx, 3, 2', 2 = 11 + 1, Mark Jones - 2', 3, 2', 1, 3 = 11 + 2, Ben Reade - 2, 1, 0, 1 = 4, Tom Young - 0, 2', 1, 3, Fx = 6 + 1 Scunthorpe 40 (Compton 15)


May 15 - Newport Wasps without Kim Nilsson and with Anders Mellgren struggling to score points put in a spirited effort at Workington before going down 55-40. Leigh Lanham and Craig Watson held the side together securing five wins between them in an outstanding effort. Leigh Lanham 3 2* F 6^ 2 = 13+1, Craig Watson 2* 3 3 3 4^ 1* = 16+2, Anders Mellgren 0 0 0 2 0 = 2, Kyle Legault 1 2 F 1 1 = 5, Kim Nilsson R/R, Alex Davies 0 1 1 F Withdrawn = 2, Todd Kurtz 1 1 0 0 0 = 2 WORKINGTON 55 (Cook 15+2, Schramm 11+1)


May 14 - In another fine away performance the flying Newport Hornets defeated Plymouth 48-41 to pick up a winning bonus point. Todd Kurtz dropped just one point from his six rides. Newport Hornets - Tony Atkin: 1 2’ 2 2 2 1 = 10+1, Mark Jones: 3 1’ 3 1’ 0 = 8+2, Tim Webster: 1 1’ X 1 X = 3+1, Todd Kurtz: 3 3 2 3 3 3 = 17, Kyle Newman R/R, Tom Young: 3 0 1 1 = 5, James White Williams: 0 3 F 2 = 5


May 9 - A spirited effort by the Newport Wasps was not enough to retrieve the twenty point deficit from the first leg but they did restore credibility against Berwick this afternoon. The 50-39 victory could have been more but for an odd decision by the referee to exclude Kim Nilsson in Heat 11. Nilsson was clearly ahead of Adrian Rymel when the latter fell off leading to the ref's decision. Newport 50 - Leigh Lanham 3 1 3 2 3 - 12(5), Craig Watson 2' 0 3 2' - 7+2(4), Anders Mellgren 3 1' 3 3 1 - 11+1(5), Kyle Legault 2' 2 1 2 - 7+1(4), Kim Nilsson 3 1 X 0 - 4(4), Alex Davies 1 0 2' R - 3+1(4), Todd Kurtz 0 2' 2' 2 - 6+2(4) Berwick 39 (Rymel 12).


May 8 - Newport Hornets maintained their excellent early season form with a fine win over Kings Lynn at Queensway Meadows yesterday. The National League contest ended in a 58-35 victory. Kyle Newman scored a paid maximum (11+1), Tony Atkin dropped one point from his five rides (13+1).


May 8 - Disaster struck the Wasps as a broken down van led to the non-arrival of Swedish pair Kim Nilsson and Anders Mellgren at Berwick yesterday. Despite this they performed creditably to restrict Berwick to a 55-35 advantage in the first leg of the Knockout Cup fixture. Youngster James McBain was drafted in to reserve. Newport Wasps: Leigh Lanham 7+1 (5), Craig Watson 8 (4), Kyle Legault 9 (5), Alex Davies 6 (5), Todd Kurtz 4 (5), James McBain 1+1 (3). Berwick (Makovsky 16+1).


May 5 - Newport Hornets missed out on their second away win in a row with a single point defeat against Bournemouth in Poole. The Hornets went down 47-46 having been ten points adrift. Newport Hornets - Tony Atkin: 2 1 2’ 3 3 = 10+1, Mark Jones: 0 3 3 6^ 1 = 13, Kyle Newman: 1’ 2 X 3 = 6+1, Todd Kurtz: 2 1’ 3 2 = 8+1
Tim Webster: 2 0 1 0 = 3, Tom Young: 1 2 0 1 0 = 4, James White Williams: 0 1’ 0 = 1+1 Bournemouth 47 (Mills 12)


May 3 - Newcastle Diamonds showed Newport Wasps no mercy as the home team produced a destructive display to win 66-27 at Brough Park. There were no redeeming features for the Wasps who seem to be way off the pace in terms of their ability to compete in the Premier League. Urgent remedial work is needed if the side are to achieve respectability this season. Newport produced no race winners in the meeting. NEWPORT 27 - Andrew Tully: 2 1 2 1 1 = 7, Anders Mellgren: 1’ X 1^ 1’ = 3+2, Craig Watson: 1 2 1 4^ 0 = 8, Kyle Legault: 0 0 X 2 = 2, Kim Nilsson: 0 1 2 0 = 3, Alex Davies: 1 0 0 0 = 1, Todd Kurtz: 0 2 0 0 = 2 NEWCASTLE 66 (Lemon 14, Bach 13, Larsen 12)


May 2 - Newport Wasps were ultimately not good enough to beat Newcastle Diamonds at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. Despite a bright start including a Heat 2 maximum from Todd Kurtz and Alex Davies Newport fell away badly in the middle of the meeting. Anders Mellgren had a nasty fall in Heat 3 and then suffered engine gremlins as did Craig Watson. Watson also fell in Heat 8 whilst in a 5-1 with Kurtz. They could not summon up the strength to challenge Newcastle and were ultimately flattered to reduce the losing margin to just 46-44 with a 5-1 from Nilsson and Neath. Nilsson was outstanding, winning four of his five races, finishing last in Heat 13. The entertainment was poor with yet another laboured meeting with constant breaks for track grading. NEWPORT 44 - Chris Neath: 1’, 2, 2, 3, 2’ = 10+2, Craig Watson: 2, 0, X, 1’ = 3+1, Anders Mellgren 0, R, 2 = 2, Kyle Legault: 1,2,2,2 = 7, Kim Nilsson: 3, 3, 3, 0, 3 = 12, Alex Davies: 3, 0, 0, 1, 1’ = 5+1, Todd Kurtz: 2’,2’, 1, 0  = 5+2 NEWCASTLE 46 - Larsen 9, Bach 8, King 7+2, Lemon 7+1


May 1 - The Hornets completed their cup victory over Plymouth with a superb 57-35 victory over Plymouth Devils in Newport today. Newport's young Aussie contingent Kurtz and Jones were outstanding. NEWPORT 57 - Tony Atkin: 3 1 1 2 = 7, Mark Jones: 1 3 3 3 = 10, Kyle Newman: 2’ 1 3 3 1’ = 10+2, Todd Kurtz: 3 3 2’ 3 2 = 13+1, Tim Webster: 3 2 3 0 = 8, Tom Young: 2’ F F 1 = 3+1, James White Williams: 3 1 1 1 = 6 PLYMOUTH 35 (Simmonds 12, Starke 12)


Apr 30 - Newport Hornets gave everyone at Newport Speedway a much needed boost with a fine National League Knockout Cup win at Plymouth. The Hornets performed solidly throughout maintaining a strong early lead until the meeting was abandoned due to heavy rain after 12 heats. The 42-29 result stands. The second leg takes place tomorrow at Queensway Meadows. . Newport Hornets Tony Atkin: 1 3 2’ = 6+1, Mark Jones: 3 1 2 3 = 9, Kyle Newman: 2’ 1 1’ 3 = 7+2, Todd Kurtz: 3 3 2 = 8, Tim Webster: X 3 X = 3, Tom Young: 2 1 1 T 2’ = 6+1, James White Williams: 1’ T 0 2 = 3+1 Plymouth 29 (Starke 9)


Apr 28 - Wasps heat leader Leigh Lanham was injured riding for Belle Vue on Monday. The Newport number 1 crashed whilst riding for the Aces, and has damaged a bone in his elbow. "We are gutted with the news obviously, but he has assured us he wont be out for long" said team manager Kevin Brown. He added: "He has targetted a return for next Sunday vs Berwick in the Knockout Cup (May 9th). In the meantime, we have Chris Neath as a guest on Sunday vs Newcastle, whilst the guest at Newcastle the following day is yet to be confirmed."


Apr 26 - The Hornets went down 49-36 at Buxton 49-36 in a meeting curtailed by rain yesterday. Newport Hornets 1. Tony Atkin: 2 2 4^ 2 = 10, 2. James White Williams: 1' F 3 1' = 5+2, 3. Mark Jones:1' 2 X F = 3+1, 4. Kyle Newman: 2 X 2 2 = 6, 5. Tim Webster: 3 F R= 3, 6. Tom Young: 1 2 2 3 F = 8, 7. Ben Reade: 0 1 F X = 1 Buxton (Wright 12, Cook 12)


Apr 25 - It was a dreadful opener for Newport in the Premier League as the Wasps stumbled to defeat against previously out of form Redcar Bears. A final heat 5-1 from Gary Havelock and Ben Wilson gave the Bears a 48-42 victory. Former World Champion Havelock was in prime form returning a paid 14 from his five rides being beaten only by Kim Nilsson in Heat 11. Newport were behind for much of the match suffering a number of mishaps including Alex Davies falling in Heat 2 and Nilsson's initial exclusion in Heat 7 (He rode off 15 metres and came second). The Wasps clawed back their losses to level it by Heat 12 but the Bears won the final three heats and had the strength in depth to see them home. NEWPORT 42 - Leigh Lanham: 2 3 3 2 1 = 11, Anders Mellgren: 1’ 1 3 M = 5+1, Craig Watson: 2 2 1 2’ 0 = 7+1, Kyle Legault: F 1’ 0 2 = 3+1, Kim Nilsson: 2 2 3 0 = 7, Todd Kurtz: 3 0 1 1’ = 5+1, Alex Davies: X 0 0 3 = 3 REDCAR 48 (Havelock 13+1, Wilson 12)

The Hornets beat Isle of Wight 51-23 on Saturday, the meeting was abandoned after 12 heats due to a crash involving Islanders Dan Blake. The Hornets were too powerful for their opponents with Kurtz and Webster unbeaten. NEWPORT 51 - Tony Atkin: X 2’ 1’ = 3+2, Mark Jones: 3 3 3 2 = 11, Kyle Newman: 3 1 2’ 3 = 9+1, Todd Kurtz: 2’ 3 3 = 8+1, Tim Webster: 3 3 3 = 9, James White Williams: 3 0 2’ = 5+1, Tom Young: 2’ 2’ X 2’ = 6+3


Apr 18 - Newport produced an excellent all-round display to see off Somerset Rebels in convincing fashion by 57 to 37 at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. Guest Justin Sedgman (replacing Alex Davies) was outstanding at reserve achieving a paid maximum, Kim Nilsson won four of his five rides and there were encouraging displays from Legault and Mellgren. The West Country side fell behind early on and were never able to threaten Newport, winning only three races in all. NEWPORT 57 - 1. Leigh Lanham - 1*, 2, 2, 2*, 2* = 9+3, 2. Craig Watson - 2, F, 3, 0 = 5, 3. Anders Mellgren - 3, 1, 3, 0 = 7, 4. Kyle Legault - 2*, 3, F, 3 = 8+1, 5. Kim Nilsson - 3, 1, 3, 3, 3 = 13, 6. Justin Sedgeman (G) - 3, 3, 2*, 2*, 3 = 13+2 PAID MAXIMUM, 7. Todd Kurtz - 1, 0, 1 = 2 SOMERSET 37 (Boxall 9, Gathercole 8+3)


Apr 16 - Newport Wasps pushed Somerset Rebels close this evening at the Oak Arena but their efforts were undone by three successive 5-1's for the home side between Heat 12 and 14. The Wasps were boosted by the presence of  Aussie Justin Sedgmen, who proved an excellent replacement for Alex Davies. For once Newport provided the majority of heat winners (9-6) but did not turn their dominance into points.

SOMERSET 47 (Hawkins 13, Boxall 10) NEWPORT 43 1. Leigh Lanham ........... 2', 3, 2', 1, 3 = 11+2, 2. Craig Watson ........... 3, 0, 1, 3 = 7, 3. Anders Mellgren ........ 0, 1, 0 = 1, 4. Kyle Legault ............. 2, 0, 2, 1 = 5, 5. Kim Nilsson .............. 3, 1, 1, R = 5, 6. Justin Sedgmen (G) ... 3, 3, 3, 0, R, 0, 2' = 11+1, 7. Todd Kurtz ............... 1, 1, 1 = 3


Apr 14 - Newport were heavily beaten at Kings Lynn this evening.


Apr 11 - Newport lost the match in real time against Rye House at Queensway Meadows only to be claim a draw on a technical infringement. Linus Sundstrom was excluded from Heat 15 after riding the heat without a dirt deflector. The race turned from a Wasps 4-2 to a 5-1 giving the home side a 45-45 draw after an indifferent performance. Sundstrom had dominated the meeting outpacing all the Wasps' riders until Heat 15 when the redoubtable Craig Watson held him off.  The Wasps, without Aussie reserve Alex Davies, failed to fire and only managed five race winners against their classy opponents. Pick of the home side was Watson with a paid 13 from five rides.  NEWPORT 45 - 1. Leigh Lanham ....... 3, 2, 3, 2, 2'= 12+1, 2. Craig Watson ....... 2', 1', 2, 2', 3 =10+3, 3. Anders Mellgren .... 1', 1, 2, 2 = 6+1, 4. Kyle Legault ......... 2, 3, 0, 1 =6, 5. Kim Nilsson .......... 2, 3, 2, 0 = 7
6. Tim Webster ......... F, 2', F, 0 = 2+1, 7. Todd Kurtz ............ 1, 0, 1', F = 2+1 RYE HOUSE - 45 (Sundstrom 12, Hughes 9+1)


Apr 10 - Newport Wasps' bright start to the season was brought to a halt by Rye House this evening. The Rockets destroyed the Wasps in a comprehensive 67-25 defeat. There were no heat winners for the Wasps and no redeeming features as they were thoroughly embarrassed by the home side including former Wasps' Chris Neath and Jordan Frampton. RYE HOUSE 67 (Neath 13+2, Frampton 13, Sundstrom 12) NEWPORT 25 1. Leigh Lanham 1, 1!, 2, 1, 2 = 7, 2. Craig Watson 0, 0, 2, 1' = 3+1, 3. Anders Mellgren 0, 0, 1 = 1, 4. Kyle Legault 1, 2, X, 1 = 4, 5. Kim Nilsson 0, 1, 4!, 0, 0 = 5, 6. Tim Webster 2, 0, 0, R = 2, 7. Todd Kurtz 1', 1, 0, 1, 0 = 3+1


Apr 5 - Newport Hornets beat the USA Dream Team 57-37 in an impressive opening performance of the season at Queensway Meadows. Tim Webster was top scorer with 12 points.


Apr 4 - Newport Wasps pulled off an excellent 51-41 victory over Kings Lynn Stars in the Premier Trophy at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. The resurgent home side easily beat off the challenge of last year's winners in a meeting that provided fantastic entertainment for the 400-plus crowd. The crowd stood in memory of Paul Fry at the outset of the meeting (and in memory of the late wife of Brian Woodward).

The Wasps moved in to an early lead with a Heat 3 maximum from Anders Mellgren and Kyle Legault. They edged even further ahead when outstanding young Swede Kim Nilsson saw off the challenge of Stars' Aussie heat leader Kevin Doolan. Doolan suffered again in Heat 6 as first he was overtaken by Craig Watson and then on the outside by Leigh Lanham in an outstanding race. At the start of Heat 7 Kim Nilsson came a cropper in first bend bunching, he was taken away in the ambulance to the pits area but returned for the re-run but was clearly still suffering and unable to stop a Kozza Smith / Joe Haines maximum for Kings Lynn. The Wasps edged in to an eight point lead but not before Doolan had chased down Anders Mellgren in an Heat 9 to pip him on the line after the Swede had seemed to outpace him.

Watson and Lanham put the Wasps in a commanding position with a Heat 10 maximum before the Stars made Tomas Topinka a double tactical in Heat 11. In an extraordinary race Kim Nilsson dashed out of the start in front, Topinka trailed his team-mate Casper Wortman in third. Wortman seemingly unaware of Topinka's whereabouts tried to slow down but only succeeded in creating space for Newport reserve Alex Davies to nip past Topinka in to third place! Another double tactical in Heat 12 was only marginally more successful as Kozza Smith was easily beaten by the excellent Mellgren. In Heat 13 Nilsson led the initial race but Doolan fell on bend 3 and was excluded. In the rerun Lanham had the race under control but was passed on the second bend of lap 3 by the flying Topinka. Heat 14 saw Newport reserve Alex Davies lose control recover and then fall again as he ended on top of the air fence, fortunately he was ok but the Wasps conceded a 4-2 in the rerun. In Heat 15 fittingly it was Lanham who came from the back to pass Topinka to win his first race of the afternoon. Lanham was so pleased he did two laps to celebrate. A high quality meeting and a fine performance from Newport Wasps.

Newport 51 1. Leigh Lanham 1',2',2', 2, 3 = 10+3 2. Craig Watson 2,3,3,3,0 = 11 3. Anders Mellgren 3,2,2,3 = 10 4. Kyle Legault 2',1',1',2 = 6+3 5.Kim Nilsson 3,0,3,1' = 7+1 6. Alex Davies 2,1,1, FX = 4 7. Todd Kurtz 1',1,1,0 = 3+1 Kings Lynn 41 (Topinka 11, Wortman 9,Smith 8, Doolan 7+1, Haines 6+1)


Former Newport Wasps speedway star Paul Fry has been found dead at his home at the age of 45.

Fry, who is currently still registered with Newport Wasps, had an illustrious 26-year career in the sport with various teams. He started his racing career with Cradley Heath in 1984. He raced for a number of teams particularly in the second tier of British speedway. The Fryer was Tim Stone's first signing when Newport returned to speedway in 1997. He joined Stoke the following year and then Swindon where his career was revitalised. In terms of individual honours, Fry reached the Overseas final in 2001 and the Commonwealth Final in 1991.

It looked like he would miss out on a berth for 2009, but he received a phone call from Newport at the end of March, just after the season had started. He replaced the injured Craig Watson. “We are so, so saddened to hear of the death of “The Fryer”, who was one of the nicest blokes in the sport” said Wasps promoter Steve Mallett “He was one of the first riders we got to know at Newport in 1997, and was a brilliant bloke. And he was a mighty fine speedway rider as well.

Newport General Manager Laurence Rogers who had worked with Paul at various clubs since first signing him as a junior at Cradley Heath in 1984 stated: 'This is a very sad day for all of those on either side of the fence who knew Paul as the bubbly friendly character that he was. He was also a true racer and always gave it 100% on track at all times during his long career.' A minute's silence will be held in memory of Paul at the speedway stadium on Sunday afternoon prior to the Premier Trophy fixture against Kings Lynn.

He leaves a widow and two teenage children. The exact circumstances of his death are not yet known.



Mar 28 - Newport Wasps won the Severn Bridge Trophy at Queensway Meadows this afternoon after a thrilling run off for the trophy.  Leigh Lanham beat Cory Gathercole to bring the Wasps victory after a superb meeting. He gated and won the run off race comfortably. Lanham put Newport in the race off position by taking Gathercole in Heat 15. The Wasps started the meeting strongly with two opening maximum's before Somerset pegged them back. However, a Heat 11 8-1 for Somerset from Richie Hawkins and Shane Parker brought the visitors within three before Newport fought back to level it on aggregate. Newport Wasps - 50
1. Leigh Lanham: 3 2 3 2' 3 = 13+1 , 2. Craig Watson: 2’ 1’ 3 2’ 1 = 9+3,  3. Anders Mellgren: 1 3 1’ 2 = 7+1, 4. Kyle Legault: 0 0 2 2 = 4, 5. Kim Nilsson: 3 2 1 3 = 9, 6. Alex Davies: 2’ 0 0 X = 2+1, 7. Todd Kurtz: 3 1 2' 0 = 6+1 Somerset - 41 (Gathercole 14, Hawkins 13, Masters 10)


Mar 26 - The 2010 Newport Wasps got off to a bright start at Somerset despite a 49-41 defeat. The scoreline flattered the Rebels who stretched way with a 5-1 in the last race but Newport will be heartened by some promising performances, not least a paid 8 for new Aussie reserve Alex Davies. Somerset 49 (Gathercole 13+1) Newport 41 1. Leigh Lanham 3, 2, 2, 3, 1 = 11, 2. Anders Mellgren  0, 1', 2, 1' = 4+2, 3. Craig Watson 0, 2, 0, 3 = 5, 4. Kyle Legault 1, 1', 2, 2 = 6+1, 5. Kim Nilsson 2, 2, 1', 0, 0 = 5+1, 6. Alex Davies 3, 1', 2, 1, M = 7+1, 7. Todd Kurtz 2', 1', 0 = 3+2


Mar 23 - Australian teenager Alex Davies is now a confirmed starter for the Newport Wasps for the 2010 season and will make his debut at Somerset this coming Friday. According to the Wasps website Davies is due to arrive in the UK on Thursday at 8pm and will make his Wasps and British debut at Somerset 24 hours later.


Mar 21 - Newport Wasps beat the Legends Team by 42-36 in an enjoyable season opener at Queensway Meadows this afternoon. wasps heroes from yesteryear were back on track to give the 2010 team a testing team. The new Wasps secured victory in the 13-heat meeting with two 5-1's in the final two races. But they were tested by returning heroes including Frank Smart, Andrew Appleton and Scott Pegler. The Legends were led by Craig Watson who beat all the Wasps' heat leaders in his opening three rides. Kim Nilsson in particular was outstanding for the Wasps, young Aussie Todd Kurtz struggled scoring only a paid 2 from his four outings. Scorers - Newport “Darlows” Wasps 42 1. Leigh Lanham: 2 3 2 3 3 = 13 2. Tim Webster: R 0 R 2’ = 2+1 3. Kim Nilsson: 3 3 2 3 2’ = 13+1 4. Anders Mellgren: X 1 1’ 1 = 3+1 5. Kyle Legault: 2 2 3 3 = 10 6. Todd Kurtz: 0 1’ 0 0 = 1+1 RES: James White Williams: 0 = 0 The Legends 36 1. Craig Watson: 3 3 3 2 1 = 12 2. Tony Atkin: 1 0 0 0 = 1 3. Andrew Appleton: 2 2 = 4 4. Frank Smart: 1’ 1’ 2 1’ 0 = 5+3 5. Chris Neath: 3 2 3 2 = 10 6. Scott Pegler: 1 0 1 1 = 3 RES: Mark Jones: 1’ 0 = 1+1


Mar 19 - One of Newport Wasps' reserve places will be taken up Aussie teen Alex Davies after it was announced New Zealander Grant Tregoning would not be taking up the position. 17 year old Davies had been linked with Kings Lynn but his contract option was terminated after he failed to obtain a British passport. He was required to obtain a work permit and his assessed average increased from 3 to 5 points. He hails from Newcastle in Australia but was actually born in Northampton on 17th September 1992, while his father Stephen was racing speedway for the Peterborough Panthers. He started his motorcycle racing career at 11 years old on the Dirt Track scene as many young Australians do, before moving onto Longtrack and finally Speedway at 13 years old. At the age of 14 he represented Australia in the U16 FIM Gold Trophy in Poland and again at the age of 15 he was selected to represent Australia in Denmark.


Mar  1 / 18 - Tickets are now on sale for Press and Practice day and Meet the Riders night, both taking place on Friday 19th March. There is a fixed price of £5 for all (adults, children, O.A.P’s etc). Purchasing a Meet the Riders night ticket means you can attend Press and Practice day, free of charge.

If you wish to just attend Press and Practice day, then entry will be £3 payable on the day. Tickets for the evening can be purchased at the track or at the Mallett Transport yard, at Newport docks. The start time for Press and Practice day is 1pm, with the location obviously being the stadium! Meet the Riders night will also take place at the Track bar, with a 7pm start. There is a restricted amount of tickets so it is advised to book them well in advance.

Newport race the Wasps Legends on Sunday - see article below (February 1).


Feb 25 - The Newport Hornets have acquired a new main team sponsor in the shape of former Weymouth team sponsors, the Wessex Bus. Co promoter Nick Mallett is over the moon with the news, and cannot wait for the season to get started. “We are pleased to of tied up a deal with Wessex Bus for the forthcoming season to sponsor the Hornets” he said. He added: “We will now be the Newport “Wessex Bus” Hornets. We are getting positive vibes from the Hornets team this year, and we honestly believe it can challenge for honours in 2010. With Nigel (of Wessex Bus) deciding to sponsor the team, he will also be a part of it. We hope he is a part of the club for years to come”. Wessex Bus are also sponsors of Hornet’s riders James White Williams, Kyle Newman and Tim Webster.


Feb 24 - Cowra in New South Wales bid an emotional farewell to Wasps signing Todd Kurtz at a gathering staged on February 20. The Cowra Guardian reports it thus "Cowra MCRC members, family, friends, sponsors and invited guests gathered on Saturday night, February 20 at the Lachlan Valley to farewell Cowra’s speedway superstar Todd Kurtz. Todd will be flying out to the UK to commenced his international speedway career on March 14 to join the Newport Wasps in Wales for the 2010 speedway season .The evening was well attended with Cowra Mayor, Bill West and his wife Lyn McLean, Todd’s local sponsors Bryan and Loretta Dawes (All Service Motors), Hugh and Catherine Gibson (Signs-R-Us), Bill Rowlands, John and Pauline Langfield (Life Members of Cowra MCRC) and Carole and Barry Doyle. "


Feb 23 - Newport have made a double training school swoop adding two new riders to their asset base to strengthen the Hornets National League squad. With a vacancy for the eighth Hornet following Darryl Ritchings decision not to join the club, club officials have been closely watching the progress of riders attending their Sunday Training sessions.

Swindon based 18 year old Ben Reade , who made two late seasons appearances for Plymouth last season after taking 12 months out of the sport, impressed enough to be offered a full contract. He has appeared in Academy League matches for Swindon Sprockets and is a former British Under 15 Championship rider.

He is joined by 15 year old Daniel I’Anson , who has shown continuous improvement throughout the close season and will be pressing for a chance in the National League for the Hornets. The Southampton based teenager has come through the British Under 15 250cc and 500 cc Championships.


The Newport Hornets team for 2010 is now complete after Aussie Mark Jones was today confirmed as a Hornet for the up coming season. Jones has been a target for the Hornets for a long time.

And now he is finally confirmed. "We are delighted to have Mark on board for 2010 and cannot wait to see him in action" said promoter Steve Mallett "He has good pedigree, and his scores in Australia during the close season have been encouraging. We are sure Mark will be challenging for the number one slot in the team from the off". Jones joins Tony Atkin, Todd Kurtz, Tim Webster, James White Williams, Tom Young, Kyle Newman and Darryl Ritchings in an 8 man squad for 2010.


Feb 1 - Newport Wasps co promoter Nick Mallett is happy to announce that the opening meeting will now be the 2010 Newport Wasps Vs The Legends, replacing the Prince of Wales trophy on the 21st March.
The meeting will be raced in the old 6 man team format, last used in 1997.

Featuring in the Legends team will be former members of the 1999 team. This includes Craig Watson, Emil Lindquist, Chris Neath, Andrew Appleton and Frank Smart with the final name to be announced at a later date. “It has taken a long time to sort this meeting and at one stage I did not know if I would be able to get the members from the 1999 team back on track, as obviously some of them are now family men and are retired from the sport” said Mallett.

He added: “To have nearly the whole squad from the early days of Newport Speedway back on track for one day is a dream come true, obviously there is one more name to be added to the Legends team and I am working on getting that sorted this week”.

Mallett went on to comment on Smarts’ return to the stadium after seven seasons away from British Speedway: “Obviously it took a little while to sort things out but to have Frank Smart returning for this one off event is amazing as he is still that loveable character we all remember and he was more than willing to come once we agreed terms. I’m really hoping that Frank and Craig Watson will generate a lot of interest around town, as this pairings heat thirteen’s and fifteens are legendary in the sport and they do hold the record for the most five one’s in Newport Speedway’s history! So it will be interesting to see how our new Wasps deal with these two Newport legends”.

This meeting will be a competitive meeting as Watson, Neath, Appleton and Smart are all still regularly competing in speedway competitions. There will also be lots of former legends attending this event as everyone who has raced for Newport Speedway over the last 13 seasons will get an invite to attend this meeting.


Swindon number 1 and Australian Grand Prix rider Leigh Adams will be hosting a Training School at Newport Speedway on Saturday 13th February. Between 9.30am and 11am, there will be a session on bike set ups and mechanical issues, before riders take to the track at 11am, right through until 4pm.

There are a restricted amount of places remaining. Please call Helen Horder on 07976 755684 to book your place NOW! Weather updates will be available leading up to the event.


January 18 - Newport Speedway has confirmed that Press and Practice will take place on Friday 19th of March. The Wasps and Hornets press and practice will take place on the same day. This will be followed by 'Meet the Riders' night at a venue to be announced.

"We hope that this event will be well attended by the press and it is hoped all riders will be in attendance" said promoter Steve Mallett. The event will be open to the general public for a small fee and discount will be given to those fans who purchase a ticket for the evening.


January 14 - Newport speedway season tickets are now on sale offering 27 home matches for £300 and free parking. Children are £95 and other concessions £250.


January 12 - There will be a change of scenery at Newport Speedway this summer as All Star Wrestling hits Queensway Meadows! The Newport promotion reports "It will be a Europe Vs America event, held on Friday 25th June 2010, with the Bells ringing at 7pm!"


Boxall heading the pace in Heat 2

A crowd of 2000 attended from far flung parts of the UK

January 3 - Steve Boxall, currently unattached to a club in 2010, deservedly won the New Year Classic at Newport this afternoon. Boxall was with Belle Vue in the Elite League last year but the 22 year old has not yet found a Premier League berth despite the fact that we are swamped with young Aussies, Danes and Swedes.

Boxall won the main meeting proper being beaten in only one race by Niels Kristian Iversen. The latter surprisingly failed to make the final following a third place in Heat 20. Boxall's main threat came from last year's winner Aussie Kevin Doolan. In the final race off Boxall and Doolan fought it out on the first corner but the Englishman sped clear for an excellent victory. Ben Barker and Brent Werner trailed in third and fourth respectively.

Despite a large crowd many travelling from distant parts the management of the meeting was poor with the event taking nearly three hours to complete and precious little entertainment. Most heats were processional, there was definitely more overtaking in the refreshment stalls as spectators jostled for burgers, tea and coffee in the biting cold.

The meeting was not helped by a spate of withdrawals meaning star riders were replaced by juniors, many of whom were off the pace and involved in spills leading to a number of re-runs. The only passing manoeuvre of note came from Newport's promising new Swede Anders Mellgren in Heat 17 as he beat Luke Bowen on his way to a creditable nine point return.


Dec 23 - Newport Wasps completed their 2010 line up with the not unexpected announcement that Craig Watson will be the final part of their team. The Aussie was badly injured at the start of last season and there were doubts whether he would wish to ride competitively in the coming season. "We are delighted to get Wato back on board for the 2010 season and we are sure our fans are as well" said co promoter Nick Mallett. He added: "Craig has had a couple of behind doors practice sessions now and he feels as fit as ever".The confirmation of his agreeing terms means that the team for the next Premier League campaign which commences at home on Sunday March 21st is complete. Craig joins Leigh Lanham, Kyle Legault, Kim Nilsson, Anders Mellgren, Grant Tregoning and Todd Kurtz.
Commented Newport club owner Steve Mallett: 'We are delighted to be able to give Newport fans the Christmas presents of a complete team and the return of a rider who has been a fans favourite since he was part of the 1997 Wasps septet that relaunched speedway in the city. I have no doubt that Craig will be keen to make up for lost time.'


Dec 19 - The Newport promotion has confirmed that Swede Anders Mellgren has signed for the Wasps for the 2010 season. Mallett added: "Anders came over last week and had plenty of laps of the track. He loved the track and he cannot wait for the Classic meeting now. We have got another highly rated Swede on our books and we now cannot wait for 2010".

The Wasps have 6.37 left for the final rider to complete the line up. Club legend Craig Watson has been highly linked with a return to the club and promoter Steve Mallett revealed he was in talks with the Australian in the Speedway Star this week. NEWPORT WASPS 2010: Leigh Lanham (7.16), Kim Nilsson (7.00), Anders Mellgren (7.00), Kyle Legault (6.97), Grant Tregoning (5.00), Todd Kurtz (3.00).


Dec 14 - Wasps asset Kyle Newman is returning next year to spearhead Newport Hornets challenge in the National League. In addition, the New Year Classic line up is complete with Jerran Hart and Swede Anders Mellgren in the final line up.


Dec 7 - Jonas Andersson has indicated his intention to give speedway a miss in 2010 - throwing a spanner in the works for Newport promoters Steve and Nick Mallett. "It is true that our Swedish asset Jonas Andersson will not be returning to us in 2010, infact he is giving speedway a mess in general in 2010" said Nick Mallett. He added: "We are all gutted with the news, but Jonas has told us it is not a full retirement as yet, and he will be considering his options at the end of the 2010 season. He will remain a Wasps asset. We would like to wish Jonas all the best for the future". Andersson had officially signed as a 2010 Wasp before making his decision to sit out the sport for the 2010 season.


Dec 2 - The Newport Wasps have confirmed their sixth signing for the 2010 season in Canadian star Kyle Legault.
Legault is three times Canadian champion, 2009 Argentinian champion and a former Elite League rider.

"We are pleased to confirm that our 6th signing for the 2010 season will be Canadian star Kyle Legault" said co promoter Nick Mallett. He went on to say: "Obviously the team is nearly complete now and we are one signing short of our full 2010 team. We are waiting for confirmation of Kyle's average, which is expected to be within the next 24 hours. Kyle is 100% fit and raring to go for the new season and is aiming to end the season as our number one rider. He is an exciting prospect and we are very pleased to have him on board". Legault joins Leigh Lanham (7.16), Kim Nilsson (7.00), Grant Tregoning (5.00), Jonas Andersson (3.23) and Todd Kurtz (3.00).

24 year old Kyle Legault is from Ontario in Canada. He started his British career with Sheffield before joining Mildenhall in 2007 upping his average from 5.80 to 8.77. He made the Grand Prix qualifier in Vojens but was injured in the first heat. In 2008 he joined Birmingham but broke his fibula in their second meeting. Legault came back in July but broke his jaw and was out for the rest of the season. He moved up to Elite League Poole last season but suffered complications with his fibula and missed the entire season. His signing for the Wasps can therefore be placed in the 'risky' category given his record of injuries.

Two more riders have been confirmed for the New Year Classic - being held at Newport on 3rd January 2010 with a 1pm start time - Australian Kevin Doolan and young Hungarian Josef Tabaka.


Nov 30 - There will be two training schools coming up this weekend at Newport Speedway. The first session will be held on Saturday 5th December, and will be supervised by Lakeside Hammers star Adam Shields. The club website states ". From 9.30am - 11.00 am, there will be sessions on mechanical matter, bike set up and on track aspects to follow till 4pm. A fully action packed day for the cost of £ 75.00 can be booked by calling Helen Horder on 07976 755684". The clubs normal training day is also available on Sundays as normal 11am - 3pm, cost £35.


Nov 23 - Newport Speedway co promoter Nick Mallett has tonight confirmed that he is in talks with four riders for the 2010 season. It is understood that all four riders are former Elite League Riders.

"I am in talks with two riders who come under the number one category, and another two who are potential number one's" said Mallett. He added: "We hope to be able to make an announcement very soon on the final two signings and I am sure the fans will be impressed with whoever we sign for the final two places of the team".


Nov 18 - Reigning Premier League Riders Champion Ricky Ashworth has been confirmed along with former Wasp Carl Wilkinson and young Swedish brothers Robert and Daniel Henderson for the New Year Classic meeting.

"We are delighted that the reigning Premier League Riders Champion has confirmed his place in the meeting, and I am sure he will be challenging for honours" explained Nick Mallett. He added: "We are also pleased that the popular former Wasp Carl Wilkinson has said yes, and we are also looking forward to seeing how the Henderson brothers go, with a view to the future".


Nov 16 - Newport Wasps have released the name of their 5th signing for the 2010 season, young Australian star, Todd Kurtz, who will join on a 3.00 average.

Wasps co promoter Nick Mallett said: “We are over the moon to be able to announce Todd as our second reserve for the 2010 season. He had a string of clubs from all three tiers of British Speedway (Elite, Premier and National League) after his contract, but he chose to come to Newport”. The 17 year old Aussie will also be lining up for the Hornets in the National League in 2010.

Mallett added: “Not only will Todd be lining up in the Premier League for us, but he will also ride in the National League as a Hornet. Both of our squads are now shaping up nicely. We have a very young Premier League team falling into place, which is only good for our future. The Wasps team currently contains four of our own young assets. That is something to be proud of”.

In other news Newport have been chosen to host this year's National League Best Pairs Championship. Four riders have been added to New Year Classic line up - former Wasp Mads Korneliusen, Niels Kristian Iversen, Adam Roynon and Andrew Tully. Oh and white helmet return to replace green!


Nov 10 - Newport Wasps have confirmed the signing of Leigh Lanham for the coming season. “We are thrilled to be able to announce Leigh as our fourth 2010 signing and our team captain” said co promoter Nick Mallett. He added: “I guess it was always likely that Leigh would return in 2010, but now it is in writing it is all the more pleasing”.

Lanham will start on a 7.16 average, after his 2.5% reduction. And Mallett went on to say that he will not be lining up in the number one race jacket in 2010. “If our plans come to fruition, Leigh and Kim (Nilsson) will be our second and third heat leaders for 2010. We still plan on announcing a big number one” Mallett stated. The announcement will be made at Sunday's SWARM meeting.


Nov 9 - The first four riders have been confirmed for the 2010 New Year Classic, which will be held on January 3rd 2010. And they are Ben Barker, Chris Neath, David Howe and Brent Werner. "Obviously we are delighted that Ben has agreed to do this meeting for us, and hopefully he will be successful in defending his title (from Poole in 2009) and it will be great to see former Wasp from the 1999 season Chris Neath in action on his former home track" said Nick Mallett.


Nov 4 - Newport Wasps announced the signing of Swede Kim Nilsson today , a signing which is classed as an early Christmas present for the Wasps fans by co-promoter Nick Mallett.

“We are thrilled that an exceptional talent like Kim has joined the club, and we cannot wait to see him in action for us in 2010".

In the Swedish Elite League Nilsson has a higher average than stars Linus Sundstrom, Linus Eklof and Emil Kramer.
It is also understood that a few other clubs were trying to snap up the Swede after seeing his 2009 scores for the Wasps, which were 7+1 from 5 ( 0 1’ 3 3 0) at Redcar and 11+1 (2 3 1’ 2 3) at home to Sheffield.

Mallett added: “A few clubs, both Elite and Premier, have been trying to sign Kim up for 2010. But he has kept his word and is a confirmed starter for us for 2010. We are hoping that, on paper, Kim will start the season as our third highest averaged rider. We are aiming for a big number one, followed by a second heat leader, to start the season with. But we are sure Kim can be pushing for the number one race jacket by the end of the season”.


The New Year Classic returns to Newport in 2010. After a year off in 2009, the Classic returns to the Welsh club and riders are already looking for a place in the lineup. "We are pleased to annouce that the New Year Classic will return to Newport on the 3rd January 2010, with a 1pm start time" said co promoter Nick Mallett.

He added: "Riders have already made contact with the club regarding a place in the line up. We will be running a 16 rider individual meeting, with the top 4 scorers going into the final".

It is expected that Rider names will be released for the event shortly.


October 17 - Steve Mallett used the final SWARM Speedway Grand Prix Night to announce that Swede Jonas Andersson would be rejoining the Wasps next season. The popular young Swede failed to make a significant impression initially struggling with machinery, he ended with an average of just 4.14 from his twenty matches for the Wasps. Mallett stated he will be fully sponsoring Andersson next season.


Sandor Levai (on bike) captain of the 1971 Newport Wasps

Riding record for Newport 1969-1971

Matches 109 Rides 502 Points 1018 Bonus Points 53 Total Points 1071 Average 8.53 (out of 12)

1969 8.34, 1970 8.45, 1971 8.76



The death has been announced in Hungary of one of the Newport Wasps most popular former speedway riders. Sandor Levai, who was the Wasps club captain and number one in the late 1960s and early 1970s passed away on Monday in his native Hungary aged 74.

Sandor fled to this country during the Hungarian uprising of 1956. He initially rode for the Belle Vue Aces and subsequently for the Ipswich Witches but it was at Newport's former Somerton Park track between 1969 and 1971 that he enjoyed the finest years of his speedway career.

Commented Gareth Rogers the club's PRO at their modern Queensway Meadows stadium and former Somerton Park track announcer during part of the the Levai era: "Everyone who knew Sandor will recall his cheeky disposition and warm smile. However, when the tapes rose he was a tiger whom Wasps fans of that generation will recall had the regular beating of great World Champions Barry Briggs and Ivan Mauger on the Newport racing strip. I am sure all Newport Speedway fans will join me in sending our thoughts and condolences to Sandor's family at this time of sorrow".

Club owner Steve Mallett added: "Sandor was my speedway hero when I was a kid on the terraces at Somerton Park. I am very sad to hear the news. I will arrange that on Sunday's rider parade there will be a minute's silence in tribute to one of the greatest Wasps in the history of the sport in Newport".












WASPS 2010




Mar26 Somerset CH 41 49
Apr10 Rye House PT 25 67
Apr 14 Kings Lynn PT 34 58
Apr16 Somerset PT 43 47
May3 Newcastle PL 27 66
May8 Berwick KO 35 55
May15 Workington PL 40 55
MAY16 Glasgow PL 50 46
Jun3 Redcar PL 43 51
Jun4 Scunthorpe PL 45 42
July2 Edinburgh PL 38 52
July3 Berwick PL 43 46
July4 EDINBURGH PL 33 39
July11 WELSH OPEN      
July14 Kings Lynn PL A  
July29 Sheffield PL 42 47
Aug 21 Stoke PL P  
Sep1 Birmingham PL 29 61
Sep3 Somerset PL 40 50
SEP11 Rye House PL 46 44

PTPT -Premier Trophy PL-Premier League KO-Knockout Cup (Home matches in upper case)