Frampton was in superb form winning his first four rides before a Heat 15 exclusion

Heat 3 action as Frampton (blue, far right) and Andersson (red) scored a stunning 5-1 over Wilson and Stonehewer



August 16 - Newport Wasps beat Redcar Bears 49-43 at Queensway Meadows this afternoon in a thoroughly entertaining contest. There were some captivating heats from the outset as riders made use of excellent conditions to provide  exhilarating racing.

The Wasps started the meeting in superb fashion. Leigh Lanham held off the Bears brilliant young Aussie Ty Proctor in Heat 1 and James Holder followed him home for an immediate advantage. Chris Kerr and Kyle Newman repeated the feat in Heat 2. In Heat 3 struggling Swede Jonas Andersson rode a superb first corner to hold off Ben Wilson and Carl Stonehewer while Jordan Frampton made hay out front. Next up Gary Havelock stormed ahead of Paul Fry but on lap two the Newport captain got a huge amount of drive going into bend 3 only to lose control in the deep shale out wide. Havelock won the re-run despite the attentions of Chris Kerr.

Andersson and Frampton gated ahead of Proctor in Heat 5 but the Bears number 1 picked off the Swede to secure second place. In Heat 6 a brilliant overtake on the back straight took James Holder past Havelock but the former World Champ used all his track craft to hold off Lanham in a wheel to wheel tussle through to the line. Fry, recovered seemingly from his earlier fall, won Heat 7 from start to finish. In Heat 8 with the Bears ten points adrift they selected Ben Wilson as a tactical sub. In a fantastic duel the Wasps American reserve Kerr rounded Wilson to take the lead with a lap to go while Bears reserve Swales held off Jimmy Holder at the back.

The high quality of racing continued in Heat 9 as Frampton saw off Ario Bugeja and Jonas Andersson defended a third place challenge from Havelock to put the Wasps ten up. Heat 10 was more routine as Wilson began to find form with Lanham and Holder sharing the spoils.

Heat 11 saw Paul Fry power out of the gate away from the Bears Stuart Swales. Wasps reserve Kyle Newman brilliantly passed Ty Proctor on bend 3. But Fry lost control of his bike going along the straight into lap 2 and ended up worryingly in the fence. Fry got up but is believed to have suffered a fracture to his foot and was withdrawn from the meeting. In the rerun Newman gated superbly and led Proctor for three and three quarter laps but the Aussie pulled off a wonderful manoeuvre to pass Newman on the line.

In Heat 12 Wilson led all the way but Kerr and Andersson held the minor placings to keep the score at 41-33. Andersson answered his critics with a much improved display today finishing with a paid 7. Chris



Leigh Lanham - 3,1,2,2,1 = 9, James Holder - 1,3,0,1' = 5+1, Jonas Andersson 2', 1,1,1' = 5+2, Jordan Frampton - 3,3,3,3,X = 12, Paul Fry X, 3, X = 3, Kyle Newman 1,0,2 = 3, Chris Kerr 3,2,3,2,X,2' = 12+1


Ben Wilson 15+1, Ty Proctor 10+1, Gary Havelock 8


Kerr was out again in Heat 13, the race was re-run twice, initially for first bend bunching and then the young American was disqualified for crashing in to the back of Havelock, To his credit Havelock, having hobbled off, won the race despite the attentions of the much-quicker Lanham, the latter seems to find it difficult to pass at Queensway Meadows.

The penultimate heat saw Frampton and Kerr storm to a 5-1 to put the match out of the Bears reach and bring Newport their first win since July 5. In Heat 15 the previously unbeaten Frampton came a cropper whilst third on lap one. Fourth placed Ty Proctor laid his bike down to avoid a serious accident winning the approval of the crowd for his actions and an apology from Frampton, who was disqualified. In the re-run Wilson powered to the front, with Lanham close at hand and Proctor at the rear. The Aussie, riding a wide line, showed amazing control and bravery to beat Lanham on the line.

The Bears played their part in an outstanding meeting which gave us speedway at its best. And at its best there are few sports that can compete with it.