A collection of information on the way(s) we speak(s) in da Port.


"arf a laager",

"down town"

"round the roundabout"


"olite luv"

"in i"

"where to...(where to is it?)"

"I wants 'i cos I likes 'i"

"no i ain 'o"

"I finks so"


* Wosah? - What is that?

* Yew F****n' knowz it!

* 'urry up 'en 

* Yew gor a fing oi ast ew for?

* Awroigh bruv?

* Oi likes goin' dahn (Asdaz) in moi caar oi does.

* Safe blad

* Ow mate willu gemme some fags innur shop

* Gissabirraahah (Can I have some of that?)

* UH! - Hello.

* UH? - I am sorry, but could you repeat that please.

* UH. - Yes, I agree.

*Hiya luuuvvvve -feminine Awwwwrighht - masculine

*Get 'yer - come here

*Clart - Newportonian


Nurses in the Gwent


City rappers clash (Newport All Stars)

Conversation about the accent


The accent of Newport is distinctive, quite different from that of nearby Cardiff and has some of the influence of rural Monmouthshire, i.e. some Newportonians going shopping go "down town", which may be pronounced as "Dewn tewn", for 'into town'. An influx of Midlanders 100 years ago, when the Lysaghts steelworks was opened, has also had some effect.

Some aspects of the accent are clearly discernible in songs by Newport-based satirical rap group Goldie Lookin Chain, they even developed an app to celebrate it and translate from English! The blurb states "GLC present' Rosetta Stoned'. Now you too can visit Newport and speak the lingo with the locals without fear of getting your head kicked in. Order a taxi, "get a shirt and tie" or tell your friends you are getting married, "me and the missus are getting matching tattoos". There is a phrase for every occasion, all with helpful audio clips, so you can easily master the Newport dialect." Its on the App store!

A Newport doctor told me that when attending to babies in the surgery she used to say to the mothers 'now cwtch the baby up', and they would hold the baby up as if they were in the act of giving it the breast.

"The newport accent is particularly tricky, went there to get my passport done and i didn't have a clue what they were saying. " - Digital Spy

'Most Newportians have an accent that is Welsh ... It is surprising the number of local people who erroneously think they have no accent at all. Perhaps towards Chepstow the Gloucestershire burr can be heard in the speech, but the lilt of Wales is not far away.' (Olive Phillips in Monmouthshire - The County Books Series).

"The best one I know is when meeting/greeting someone in the port this is pronounced as 'eye' as in alright. This colloquialism has always been evident in the port since I was strolling around in my dappers"

I am from Newport (lived there 21 years before moving to Cardiff - lived in Cardiff for 10 years), am not a Welsh speaker, and did Elocution lessons because my singing teacher complained about my "Newport" South Walian accent - flattening vowels and the like.

"Im in newport, though im from further up the valley so i can use it to mock my OH and family who are from "the port" lol alarmingly K has a tinge of a newport accent on some of the sounds he makes, i cant describe it on here its beyond vowels lol!"

"How far off is this welsh accent you are playing with from the accent one would find in Northern England. Say Newcastle vs. Newport?

"“Come yer” come “yer” this particular word is said how it is spelt, here. i will include some common mistakes by chavs.free= three fort = thought wa= what bu’un= button these are just some of the discraceful mistakes i hear around school. Now if you are wondering why perhaps i dont talk to you on msn, maybe it is because “U rite lyke diz n u mke suree nuffink iz splld rite n loks lyk it woz dun oN a fNe”

When a funeral planning business recently decided to open its new contact centre in Newport, South Wales, it said it was doing so the accent sounded more empathetic and consoling – beating off competition from Teeside, another popular call centre location thought to have a friendly accent.