Ofcom, the Communications regulator has published today the latest data for communications use within the United Kingdom. The figures collated for 2008 reveal the startling changes that have taken place in the use of broadband, digital television and voice communications over recent years. They also provide a fascinating insight in to use of these services within the Newport area.

82 per cent of Newport households use access to a fixed line for telephone calls (Wales average - 83 per cent / UK average - 87 per cent)

85 per cent of Newportonians use a mobile phone for telephone calls (Wales 85% / UK 89%)

67 per cent use a personal computer (Wales 65% / UK 74%)

65 per cent access the internet (Wales 60% / UK 70%)

64 per cent access fixed or mobile broadband (Wales 58% / UK 68%)

62 per cent access fixed internet via home telephone line (Wales 55% / UK 65%)

11 per cent access mobile broadband via a GPS card (Wales 11% / UK 12%)

15 per cent of Newport households use mobile phones for telephone calls without having a fixed line (Wales 16% / UK 12%)

10 per cent only use a fixed line without having access to a mobile telephone (Wales 11% / UK 7%)

3 per cent have no access to a telephone (Wales 3% / UK 1%)

70 per cent of those with a mobile phone have pre-pay / pay as you go (Wales 64% / UK 55%)

23 per cent of those with a mobile have a contract (Wales 33% / UK 40%)

2 per cent of Newportonians still use dial up internet (Wales 2% / UK 2%)

59 per cent use a telephone line supplier other than BT, with 49 per cent choosing Virgin (Wales 31%,8% / UK 43%,20%)

54 per cent use Virgin Broadband, 19 per cent BT, 16 per cent Sky (UK figures are 25% VB, 24% BT, 11% Sky)

48 per cent use Orange mobile phones, 24 per cent O2, 12 per cent Virgin, 7 per cent Vodafone (UK - 28% O2, 22% Orange, 20% Vodafone)

88 per cent have digital television (Wales 89% / UK 90%)

11 per cent of Newportonians use the internet to listen to the radio (Wales 7%, UK 12%)

14 per cent use the internet for catch up tv e.g. iPlayer, SkyPlayer (Wales 11%, UK 16%)

38 per cent own the latest games console - 16 per cent Nintendo Wii, 14 per cent Xbox 360, 8 per cent Playstation 3 (UK - 20%, 15%, 9%)

38 per cent own a digital radio (Wales 27%, UK 41%)

35 per cent use a social networking site (Wales 25%, UK 30%)

Other interesting non-Newport related data in this report

Only 6 per cent of Welsh households listen to Welsh language station BBC Radio Cymru in a given week, averaging listening per head is about 45 minutes per week. S4C, the Welsh language television station, has an average audience share of 3 per cent of viewers in Wales, less than FIve or Channel Four.

On average viewers watch over three and a half hours television in a day. The five main channels are watched by an average of 62 per cent of all viewers (in multi-channel / Sky homes the figures are much less).