Newport railway station as part of an electrification redevelopment - just alongside the railway station on the existing Network Rail car park, combined with offices, some retail, new access ways including a footbridge and a multi storey car park for commuters, office staff and shoppers

Our view - a long shot, this needs some creative thought from the Council and Network Rail, it is not in evidence Odds - 20-1

Queensway next to Admiral building. The proposed sister building to Admiral House was dead and buried following the decision by the National Software Academy to locate in the Information Station. This could revive it but would encounter Cambrian Road noise issues of its own. Car parking could be provided by Admiral from their existing car park facility.

Our view - very unlikely, although planning is in place for a six storey building it is not in place for a hotel Odds 25-1

Westgate Hotel refurb - the iconic building would need huge investment to bring it back as a hotel. Although it would be a splendid, landmark site, car parking is limited. It would revive the lower end of Commercial Street and has recently been purchased following failure to sell at an auction.

Our view - a remote chance, it  would require a significant investment from Premier Inn Odds 100-1

Next to Newport University campus - a riverside location next to the Newport City Campus adjacent to the proposed new Knowledge Quarter could be the ideal location for Premier Inn and could assist University of South Wales and the city Council to cross subsidise the project. The hotel would have adequate parking, close to Friars Walk, Rodney Parade and be just five minutes from the bus station and ten minutes from the railway station.

Our view - a probable favourite, excellent access, with a ready flow of custom on its doorstep Odds 5-1   

Old Sainsbury site - a good location with ample parking with access to the railway, bus and shopping areas but not the most plenty spot to walk into town. This would be better developed as housing if it is ever developed. It could be an option for Premier Inn or a similar developer.

Our view - will this development ever happen, a possible late entrant to the race Odds 20-1

Rodney Parade - an option could involve the replacement of the existing Rodney Parade clubhouse with a new hotel at the Rodney Road end of the existing ground. The new owners the WRU could realise a significant part of their investment from the sale. This option provides good links to all services and facilities but it is close to an existing residential area and could attract opposition from residents.

Our view - an increasing possibility with a strong backer behind it. A good location Odds 8-1