Newport is blessed to have stunning countryside on its doorstep and during the pandemic these areas of the city have provided an outlet and breathing space. We are putting together some notes of gentle walks that can easily be extended.

The sea wall at Goldcliff - park at the Sea Wall Tea Rooms, take the steps up and turn left, walking on top of the wall to the east. This route is simple and can take you as long as you want along the Wales coastal path as far as the Severn Bridge! Otherwise walking to and from one of the first walking gates is about 3,500 steps. Check the tide times and coincide your walk with an incoming tide.

A circular walk in Redwick - park outside the church or the village hall (if there is no functon). Walk towards the Rose Inn and take a right turn near Church Farm. At the junction of Mead Lane and Bryn Road you have a decision to make. You can take the Mead Lane to extend your walk, if you walk the whole length it brings you out at a gated entrance near the sea wall (there is much shorter, muddier walk to the sea wall opposite Church Farm). Mead Lane takes you over the Windmill Reen with a pathway surrounded with willow trees, blackthorn and sloe bushes. If you take Bryn Road rather than Mead Lane the much shorter route offers a quiet walk past some of Redwick's finer properties including Jubilee Cottage, the Bryn and the Pound. The short walk is no more than 2,500 steps.

Riverside Walk - park outside the Blaina Wharf. Join the riverside walk at Alicia Way, take a turn to the left and walk towards the city centre. This pretty walk is part of the riverside park developed over the last ten years and includes a number of vantage points strutting out into the Usk. You can walk from here all the way to the city centre or Riverside Theatre. Stop off as we did at the Octopus Cafe and return to the Blaina Wharf with a coffee for 3,500 steps.

Newport Wetlands - parking is 3, free to RSPB members. Take a circular route via the cafe on to the lighthouse and turn left along the coastal path heading east and then follow signs back to the visitor centre for a gentle walk of just over 5,000 steps.

Tredegar House - parking is 2, free to National Trust members. Take a circular route, walking through the courtyard, main house and head north along the long path towards the gate house in the direction of M4/A48 junction. Turn left along the path and head through a copse of tree in a winding path before arriving back on the other side of the house for a walk of over 3,500 steps.