Bishton (Welsh: Llangadwaldr Trefesgob) is a small rural community (parish) in the east of the city of Newport. The parish lies in the Llanwern electoral district (ward) and contains the eastern end of Llanwern Steelworks. It now includes the Underwood estate as well as Bishton itself. The population has varied between 145 and a high of 186 (in 1861). Bishton should more correctly be known as Bishopston taking its name from the bishopric of Llandaff. The village is first mentioned as Llangadwaladr in Liber Landovensis in 570 AD. Guidnerth, previously excommunicated by the Bishop for killing his brother Merchion in 567 AD was pardoned and granted the land, woods and sea coast of Llangadwaladr. The Church is dedicated to Cadwaladr the Blessed, the last of the Welsh kings to assume of the title chief sovereign of Britain. But as the lands and the Church were given to the Bishop of Llandaff after 570 it is more likely that he was a contemporary of St. Cattwg (St. Cadoc). The church was rebuilt in 1887, the Welsh language was not used in services there after 1828.


St Cadwaladr's Church

In a magnificent raised setting aside from the village since 570 AD


Great House on the left, the village ahead, the turning right to Redwick, the railway crossing and the now closed New Inn public house

Moor View

On the road in from Llanwern

School House

A converted school house in the village

The Village Hall

On the main road near the Church

Post box

Near a derelict farm building in the village centre