'The Times' used to pride itself as being the newspaper of record. That is, future generations will read it and find information and events covered factually. Our local newspaper, in my view, has long since dispensed with this peculiar notion. It has self styled itself around a county that does not exist and consistently paints a bleak or uninspiring picture of our City. Hence this website. It is also prone to gaffes and other misrepresentations. This is a new collection for 2008 and 2009.

MONDAY MAY 25 2009

I know it is a bank holiday but...the Argus once again does its bit for the compensation culture by running a front page story about a fifteen year old who impaled herself on a fence at Beechwood Park claiming she was unaware it had closed and that she was trying to get out of it. This extensive story states she is seeking a 15,000 compensation payment from Newport City Council and city council taxpayers. Apparently, although she lives in Beechwood she was unaware that the Park closed at 8pm and was therefore locked inside the Park. There are a few words in the Council's defence quoting from their case but more particularly it states "it is an ongoing legal process, it will not comment until the matter has been resolved." Quite right but unfortunately whatever the rights or wrongs of this case the Argus article leaves you with one impression only.


There was yet another reader poll where the figures did not add to 100 per cent but we will ignore that one. On Friday 'The Argus' reported that Newport bus passengers are taken a ticket to ride more often than ever. In a story on page 17 entitled 'Bus journeys in city on rise' it claims that official figures show a 30 per cent increase in bus passengers in Newport and a 285 per cent rise since 2003! This will probably have come as a surprise to Newport Transport, the city's main transport provider, who have regularly cut services in this period. However, the story is incorrect. The increase in passenger numbers relates to only one service - the X24 between Newport and Blaenavon, run by Stagecoach. (See the story on our newspage).


Robin Davey reported a crowd for the Dragons v Connacht of 5478. Wishful thinking as it was only 3,240.

MONDAY MAY 12 2008

The Argus a friend of Newport? No fear. Today's feature letter in the letters column slates the planned Friars Walk development as uninspiring. Probably better to stick with the old bus station and its surrounding concrete monstrosities then. Recently they featured letters prominently comparing Newport unfavourably with Cwmbran, slagging off Newport's transport changes, a returnee to Newport sounding off about how appalling it all is, letters from a former mayor of Newport who says little but is given plenty of prominence. All in all it serves to make Newportonians feel bad about themselves and appeases all the valley herberts.


The Argus revealed that Mel C the Spice Girls singer living in Tintern is expecting a baby and has offered the name 'Gwent Spice' for the child.


Page 2, "Unemployment closes in on three million" - on closer inspection the article was referring to an increase in unemployment to 1.79million, therefore closing in on 2 million.


With thanks to Paul Flynn MP despite the alarmist headline the article was about house sales not prices.

The following day

The report in to the Marlborough Road fire in Maindee attributed the cause of the fire to 'wood dust' and other combustible materials rather than rats.

DECEMBER 29 /30 2009

Back page main headline 29/12 - Dragons wait on key trio

Back page main headline 30/12 - Dragons wait on Luke

Has the sub-editor got a limited vocabulary? What will the headline be on Dec 31? Who will the Dragons be waiting on tomorrow?