Whether its the WRU, the Welsh Assembly Government, the pathetic Cardiff media, the FAW, the stupid Argus or the pointless Dragons it appears its ok for Newport not to get fair play or to be forgotten. We will document here but surely it is time for Newportonians to put on their shell suits, rise up and stop this S**t!  


May 19 - Cardiff City miraculously escape fine for coin throwing incident (April 2009) whereas Newport County were charged with failing to control their supporters and fined £3000 following a coin throwing incident (November 2006)


The ultimate betrayal, the host city and venue of the Ryder Cup is Newport. But the Argus waste no time appeasing the Gwent hordes.


Feb 15 - It was inevitable that Newport's run of good luck on the development front would come to an end. And how. The credit crunch has destroyed many aspirations the Council and Newport Unlimited had for showing off the City by the time of the Ryder Cup. We know of course that the vision is longer term than just the Ryder Cup but that was the initial aim - a City fit to host the Ryder Cup. Now, sadly, we are left with the so-called 'dressing up' of Newport. Even so, it is doubtful whether the dressed-up centre of Newport will be a focal point for tourists and visitors - the hotel , retail, leisure facilities, restaurants  and bars are far too meagre. It is also hard to imagine Cardiff being left with a similar fate - but inevitably we are talking about a unique and obdurately anglicised part of Wales, of little concern to the Welsh Assembly Government. The development chaos left by the credit crunch is not the fault of Council administrations or Newport Unlimited. They had control over it but it does not mean they should stand by without comment during this critical time in Newport's history.


Jan 15 - The Assembly Government is to lobby Westminster for a direct rail link between Wales and Heathrow Airport. First Minster Rhodri Morgan and Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones threw their combined weight behind the proposal yesterday. But Mr Morgan warned that London Mayor Boris Johnsonís proposals for a new airport to be built in the Thames estuary, and for Heathrow to be phased out, would hurt Walesí economy by increasing the journey time between the nation and flights.

Instead of pleading for fast access to Heathrow if Morgan and co. had shown some vision Wales might have had its own International Airport. He would have needed to remove his Cardiff blinkers to have seen it though. As recently as 2003 plans for a £2 billion Severnside airport were rejected by the UK Government with the full backing of Morgan. He said at the time "commercial reality says that private enterprise would expect the closure of Cardiff and Bristol airports before huge sums were invested in Severnside, and as this will never happen it remains pie in the sky."